QRA What is the name of your          The name of my station is...

QRB How far approximately are         The approximate distance between our
    you from my station?              stations is...nautical miles (or...

QRC By what private enterprise (or    The accounts for charges of my
    State administration) are         are settled by the private
    accounts for charges for your     enterprise...(or State admin-
    station settled?                  istration).

QRD Where are you bound and where     I am bound for...from...
    are you from?

QRE What is your estimated time of    My estimated time of arrival at...
    arrival at...(or over...)         (or over...) (place) is...hours.

QRF Are you returning to...(place)?   I am returning to...(place).
				      Return to...(place).

QRG Will you tell me my exact         Your exact frequency (or that of...)
    frequency (or that of...)?        is...kHz (or MHz).

QRH Does my frequency vary?           Your frequency varies.

QRI How is the tone of my             The tone of your transmission is:
    transmission?                         1) good.
					  2) variable.
					  3) bad.

QRJ How many radiotelephone calls     I have...radiotelephone calls to
    have you to book?                 book.

QRK What is the intelligibility of    The intelligibility of your signals
    my signals (or those of...)?      (or those of...) is...
					 1) bad.
					 2) poor.
					 3) fair.
					 4) good.
					 5) excellent.

QRL Are you busy?                     I am busy (or I am busy with...)
				      Please do not interfere.

QRM Are you being interfered with?    I am being interfered with
					(1. nil
					 2. slightly
					 3. moderately
					 4. severely
					 5. extremely).

QRN Are you troubled by static?       I am troubled by static
					(1. nil
					 2. slightly
					 3. moderately
					 4. severely
					 5. extremely).

QRO Shall I increase transmitter      Increase transmitter power.

QRP Shall I decrease transmitter      Decrease transmitter power.

QRQ Shall I send faster?              Send faster (...words per minute).

QRR Are you ready for automatic       I am ready for automatic operation.
    operation?                        Send at...words per minute.

QRS Shall I send more slowly?         Send more slowly (...words per

QRT Shall I stop sending?             Stop sending.

QRU Have you anything for me?         I have nothing for you.

QRV Are you ready?                    I am ready.

QRW Shall I inform...that you         Please inform...that I am calling
    are calling him on...kHz          him on...kHz (or MHz).
    (or MHz)?

QRX When will you call me again?      I will call you again at...hours
    (on...kHz (or MHz)).  Must        Wait. (or Wait until I have finished
    I wait?                           communicating with ...)

QRY What is my turn?                  Your turn is number...(or according
    (Relates to communication).       to any other indication). (Relates
				      to communication).

QRZ Who is calling me?                You are being called by...(on...kHz
				      or MHz)).

QSA What is the strength of my        The strength of your signals (or
    signals (or those of...)?         those of...) is...
					1) scarcely perceptible.
					2) weak.
					3) fairly good.
					4) good.
					5) very good.

QSB Are my signals fading?            Your signals are fading.

QSC Are you a cargo vessel?           I am a cargo vessel.

QSD Is my keying defective?           Your keying is defective.

QSE What is the estimated drift       The estimated drift of the survival
    of the survival craft?            craft is...(figures & units).

QSF Have you effected rescue?         I have effected rescue and am
				      proceeding to...base (with...
				      persons injured requiring

QSG Shall I send...telegrams at       Send...telegrams at a time.
    a time?

QSH Are you able to home on your      I am able to home on my D/F
    D/F equipment?                    equipment (on station...).

QSI Will you inform ... (callsign)    I have been unable to break in on
    that I have been unable to        your transmission
    break in on his transmission 
    (on...kHz (or MHz)?

QSJ What is the charge to be          The charge to be collected to...
    collected to...including          including my internal telegraph
    your internal telegraph           charge is ...francs.

QSK Can you hear me between your      I can hear you between my signals;
    your signals and if so can I      break in on my transmission.              
    break in on your transmission?

QSL Can you acknowledge receipt?      I am acknowledging receipt.

QSM Shall I repeat the last telegram  Repeat the last telegram which you 
    telegram which I sent to you (or  sent me (or telegram(s) number(s)...) 
    previous telegram)?

QSN Did you hear me (or...(call-      I did hear you (or...(callsign))
    sign)) on...kHz (or MHz)?         on...kHz (or MHz).

QSO Can you communicate with...       I can communicate with...direct (or
    direct or by relay?               by relay through...).

QSP Will you relay to...free of       I will relay to...free of charge.

QSQ Have you a doctor on board        I have a doctor on board (or...
    (or is...(name of person) on      (name of person) is on board).

QSR Shall I repeat the call on        Repeat your call on the calling
    the calling frequency?            frequency; did not hear you (or
				      have interference).

QSS What working frequency will       I will use the working frequency
    you use?                          ...kHz (normally only the last
				      three figures of the frequency 
				      need be given).

QST -unassigned-

QSU Shall I send or reply on this     Send or reply on this frequency (or
    frequency (or on...kHz (or MHz)   on...kHz (or MHz)) (with emission of
    (with emissions of class...)?     class...).

QSV Shall I send a series of V's      Send a series of V's on this freq-
    on this frequency (or...kHz       uency (or on...kHz (or MHz)).
    (or MHz))?

QSW Will you send on this frequency   I am going to send on this frequency
    (or on...kHz (or MHz)) (with          (or on...kHz (or MHz)) (with
    emissions of class...?                emissions of class...).

QSX Will you listen to...(call-       I am listening to...(callsign(s))
    sign(s)) on...kHz (or MHz)?           on...kHz (or MHz).

QSY Shall I change to transmission    Change to transmission on another
    on another frequency?                 frequency (or on...kHz (or MHz)).

QSZ Shall I send each word or group   Send each word or group twice (or...
    more than once?                       times).

QTA Shall I cancel telegram           Cancel telegram number...

QTB Do you agree with my counting     I do not agree with your counting of
    of words?                         words; I will repeat the first letter
				      or digit of each word or group.

QTC How many telegrams have you to    I have...telegrams for you (or
    send?                             for...).

QTD What has the rescue vessel or     ...(identification) has recovered...
    rescue aircraft recovered?           1) ...(number) survivors.
					 2) wreckage.
					 3) ...(number) bodies.

QTE What is my TRUE bearing from      Your TRUE bearing from me is...
    you?                              degrees (at...hours).
	    or                                    or
    What is my TRUE bearing from      Your TRUE bearing from...(callsign)
    ...(callsign)?                    was...degrees (at...hours).
	    or                                    or
    What is the TRUE bearing of       The TRUE bearing of...(callsign)
    ...(callsign) from...(call-       from...(callsign) was...degrees
    sign)?                            at...hours.

QTF Will give me the position of      The position of your station
    my station according to the       according to the bearings taken
    bearings taken by the D/F         by the D/F stations which I control
    stations which you control?       was...latitude...longitude (or other
				      indication of position), class... 

QTG Will you send two dashes of       I am going to send two dashes of ten
    ten seconds each followed by      seconds each followed by my callsign
    your callsign (repeated...        (repeated...times) (on...kHz (or
    times) (on...kHz (or MHz))?       MHz).
		or                                    or
    Will you request...to send two    I have requested...to send two
    dashes of ten seconds followed    dashes of ten seconds followed by
    by his callsign (repeated...      his callsign (repeated...times) on
    times) on...kHz (or MHz)?         ...kHz (or MHz).

QTH What is your position in          My position is...latitude...longitude
    latitude and longitude (or        (or according to any other
    according to any other            indication).

QTI What is your TRUE track?          My TRUE track is...degrees.

QTJ What is your speed?               My speed is...knots (or kilometres
				      or statute miles per hour). 
				      (Indicates the speed of a ship or 
				      aircraft through the water or air 

QTK What is the speed of your         The speed of my aircraft in relation
    aircraft in relation to the       to the surface of the earth is...
    surface of the earth?             knots (or...kilometres or statute
    miles per hour).

QTL What is your TRUE heading?        My TRUE heading is...degrees.

QTM What is your MAGNETIC heading?    My MAGNETIC heading is...degrees.

QTN At what time did you depart       I departed from...(place) at...
    from...(place)?                   hours.

QTO Are you airborne?                 I am airborne.
	    or                                    or
    Have you left dock (or port)?     I have left dock (or port).

QTP Are you going to alight (or       I am going to alight (or land).
		or                                    or
    Are you going to enter dock       I am going to enter dock (or port).
    (or port)?

QTQ Can you communicate with my       I am going to communciate with your
    station by means of the           station by means of the international
    international code of signals?    code of signals.

QTR What is the correct time?         The correct time is...hours.

QTS Will you send your callsign       I will send my callsign for tuning
    for tuning purposes or so         purposes or so that my frequency may
    that your frequency can be        be measured now (or at...hours) on...
    measured now (or at...hours)      kHz (or MHz).
    on...kHz (or MHz)?

QTT                                   The identification signal which
				      follows is superimposed on another 

QTU What are the hours during which   My station is open from...to...hours.
    your station is open?

QTV Shall I stand guard for you on    Stand guard for me on the frequency
    the frequency of...kHz (or MHz)   of...kHz (or MHz) (from...to...
    (from...to...hours)?              hours).

QTW What is the condition of          Survivors are in...condition and
    survivors?                        urgently need...

QTX Will you keep your station open   I will keep my station open for
    for further communciation with    further communcation with you
    me until further notice (or       until further notice (or until...
    until...hours)?                   hours).

QTY Are you proceeding to the         I am proceeding to the position of
    position of incident and if so    the incident and expect to arrive
    when do you expect to arrive?     at...hours (on...date).

QTZ Are you continuing the search?    I am continuing the search for...
				      (aircraft, ship, survival craft, 
				      survivors or wreckage).