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Time to check low bands...    21 Dec 2002...    by A45XR


direct to:





Chris Dabrowski, A45XR
P.O.Box 2038, CPO 111
Sultanate of Oman
Middle East


or via: A4 QSL BUREAU


Note:   Please do not send QSLs via SP5EXA - it is my home callsign in Poland, NOT my QSL manager!
             I am resident of Oman now, visiting Poland only once per year for 2 - 3 weeks...
             I can not handle QSLs sent to SP QSL BUREAU or direct to my address in Poland.


I have uploaded all my A71CW and A45XR logs there.
I am treating this QSL service as something extra to 'real' QSLs sent via the BURO or DIRECT.
Please use it rather as an on-line check-log that final QSL...

My address in Oman is also valid for SP5EXA, JW0EQ, JW/SP5EXA, DL/SP5EXA, DL/A45XR, A71CW QSL requests.



1966: got my first SWL license SP5-1150 (I was 11 years old)

1968: on the air using my brother's callsign SP5AZB, (if you have name 'Kris' in your log - than it was me)

1968-1970: SWL DX-Peditions - SP5-1150/7X2, SP5-1150/7X3, SP5-1150/CN
few QSOs as 7X0AP/SP5-1150

June 1971:  got my own HAM license SP5EXA

1984/1985: JW0EQ - Polish Polar Expedition to Hornsund, Svalbard

1986, 1987: SP5EXA/JW - Summer Expeditions to Calypsobyen, Svalbard

1991, 1992: QRV as A71AL/SP5EXA (Thanks to hospitality of Sheikh Abdulla Al-Thani)

1993-1997: A71CW from Doha, Qatar

QRV as DL/SP5EXA and DL/A45XR during short visits to Germany

1997 - now: A45XR from Muscat, Oman

Member of: PZK, SPDXC, BCC, HSC # 729, VHSC # 159, FOC # 1475 (ex 1221)



Since 1985 till now YAESU FT-757GX

Amplifier KENWOOD TL- 922

ICOM IC-706 used for SIX meters

Recently got 4 pieces of RACAL RA-1772 receiver and this is it!
I have never been listening to RX with such outstanding performance.
(I am not comparing it to FT-757GX, but to the best products for HAMs you can buy now)
Anyway, I cut RX antenna coax in my YAESU, drilled two holes at the back side,
put two connectors and like in good old years I am using separate RX and TX now.
My next task is to design some interface that I can use two RACALs as two VFO RX
and synchronize them with TX to improve ease of operation.

Logging using old 486 notebook and K1CT software.

Main log database and log utilities handling with Visual Fox Pro.



160/80m: 24m long VERTICAL elevated 15m over the ground
16 radials of various length, serial coil for 160m remotely switched.

80m: DIPOLE 20m high (backup or RX antenna)

40m: 1 ele DELTA 20m high

20/17/15/12/10m: 2 ele DELTA 20m high

6m: 5 ele DELTA 20m high

All antennas as well as rotator are home made.



I love contesting, especially CQWW CW.
It is hard to participate in every contest, because in Oman we have weekends on Thursday/Friday.
I have to take Saturday/Sunday off, cutting my vacations... Since 1993 I do it every year at least for CQWW CW part.
Here are my results:

CQ WW DX Contest

1993 A71CW SOAB LP CW 2.484.460 3 1
1994 A71CW SOAB HP CW 6.514.340 8 2
1995 A71CW SOAB HP CW 4.472.608 >10 3
1996 A71CW SOAB HP CW 5.895.043 9 1
1996 A71CW SOAB HP SSB 3.081.843 >10 1
1997 A45XR SOAB HP CW 6.440.715 8 1
1998 A45XR SOAB HP CW 9.067.345 7 2
1999 A45XR SOAB HP CW 9.363.900 7 1
2000 A45XR SOAB HP CW 8.786.811 5 1
2001 A45XR SOAB HP CW 8.919.400 7 2
2002 A45XR SOAB HP CW ? ? ?


CQ WPX Contest

1999 A45XR SOSB 15m HP CW 6.557.697 1 1

(This is also World Record in this category)


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Next will come later...


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