CT02 Andrews Island New Haven 411548N 0724559W
CT03 Andrews Island New London 412000N 0715723W
CT03 Barn Island New London 411946N 0715208W
CT02 Bear Island New Haven 411529N 0724423W
CT02 Beers Island New Haven 411525N 0724440W
CT01 Beers Rocks Fairfield 410351N 0732245W
CT02 Belden Island New Haven 411547N 0724544W
CT01 Bell Island Fairfield 410330N 0732605W
CT07 Betts Island Fairfield 410413N 0732331W
CT02 Big Boil New Haven 411407N 0725409W
CT02 Big Indian New Haven 411456N 0724018W
CT02 Bishop Rock New Haven 411514N 0724821W
CT03 Black Rock New London 411835N 0721041W
CT03 Black Rock New London 411900N 0720421W
CT02 Black Rock New Haven 411603N 0725415W
CT03 Blackboys New London 411712N 0721332W
CT02 Blackstone Rocks New Haven 411533N 0724633W
CT01 Bluff Island Fairfield 410038N 0733557W
CT01 Bold Rock Fairfield 410149N 0732935W
CT01 Bowers Island Fairfield 405945N 0733806W
CT02 Bowman Rock New Haven 411534N 0724627W
CT04 Brockway Island Middlesex 412224N 0722237W
CT01 Brush Island Fairfield 410038N 0733650W
CT01 Brush Island Fairfield 410301N 0732938W
CT02 Burr Island New Haven 411548N 0724519W
CT01 Butlers Island Fairfield 410328N 0732659W
CT05 Calf Islands Fairfield 405930N 0733825W
CT01 Calf Pasture Island Fairfield 410457N 0732303W
CT03 Calves Island New London 411935N 0722043W
CT01 Candlewood Isle Fairfield 412927N 0732724W
CT01 Candlewood Isle Fairfield 412852N 0732717W
CT01 Canfield Island Fairfield 410549N 0732300W
CT01 Carting Island Fairfield 411248N 0730649W
CT02 Cat Island New Haven 411515N 0724422W
CT01 Cedar Hammock Fairfield 410410N 0732506W
CT04 Cedar Island Litchfield 413143N 0732633W
CT04 Cedar Island Middlesex 411557N 0723134W
CT02 Cedar Island New Haven 411632N 0723852W
CT02 Cedar Island New Haven 411530N 0724541W
CT02 Chaffinch Island New Haven 411554N 0724017W
CT01 Channel Rock Fairfield 405907N 0733914W
CT02 Charles Island New Haven 411127N 0730319W
CT02 Chimneys, The New Haven 411411N 0725345W
CT07 Chimon Island Fairfield 410357N 0732332W
CT01 Chimon Rock Fairfield 410400N 0732255W
CT02 Clam Island New Haven 411451N 0724856W
CT04 Club Island Litchfield 415402N 0730545W
CT07 Cockenoe Island Fairfield 410501N 0732120W
CT01 Contentment Island Fairfield 410318N 0732726W
CT06 Copps Island Fairfield 410331N 0732315W
CT01 Copps Rocks Fairfield 410333N 0732252W
CT03 Cormorant Rock New London 411800N 0720604W
CT01 Cove Rock Fairfield 410032N 0733520W
CT01 Cove Rocks Fairfield 410040N 0732955W
CT01 Cows, The Fairfield 410029N 0733126W
CT01 Crow Island Fairfield 410340N 0732328W
CT04 Curatole Island Litchfield 415246N 0730239W
CT02 Cut in Two Island New Haven 411530N 0724447W
CT02 Darrow Rocks New Haven 411447N 0725127W
CT02 Davis Island New Haven 411520N 0724446W
CT01 Deer Island Fairfield 413214N 0732752W
CT04 Deer Island Litchfield 414148N 0731344W
CT02 Democrat Rock New Haven 411508N 0725032W
CT02 Dick Rock New Haven 411405N 0725403W
CT02 Dick Rocks New Haven 411502N 0724550W
CT01 Diving Island Fairfield 410048N 0733600W
CT03 Dodges Island New London 411944N 0715719W
CT01 Dog Island Fairfield 410330N 0732437W
CT02 Dogfish Island New Haven 411525N 0724451W
CT04 Duck Island Middlesex 411522N 0722832W
CT01 Dunder Rock Fairfield 410438N 0732057W
CT04 Dunks Island Middlesex 411648N 0722256W
CT02 East Crib New Haven 411511N 0724514W
CT02 East Indies Rocks New Haven 411428N 0725138W
CT02 East Stooping Bush Island New Haven 411504N 0724452W
CT01 East White Rock Fairfield 410455N 0732251W
CT03 Elihu Island New London 412012N 0715316W
CT03 Enders Island New London 411920N 0715748W
CT03 Eustasia Island New London 412332N 0722515W
CT02 Falkner Island New Haven 411241N 0723920W
CT01 Farwells Island Fairfield 410008N 0733841W
CT08 Fayerweather Island Fairfield 410835N 0731300W
CT01 Fish Islands Fairfield 410254N 0732728W
CT03 Flat Rock New London 411815N 0720900W
CT01 Flathead Rocks Fairfield 410123N 0733246W
CT02 Foot Rocks New Haven 411507N 0724755W
CT02 Foskett Island New Haven 411529N 0724242W
CT02 Fowler Island New Haven 411413N 0730610W
CT03 Fox Island New London 411824N 0720940W
CT02 Frisbie Island New Haven 411546N 0724520W
CT01 Game Cock Island Fairfield 410005N 0733841W
CT03 Gates Island New London 411855N 0715803W
CT04 Gildersleeve Island Middlesex 413621N 0723654W
CT03 Goat Island New London 412027N 0715309W
CT04 Goodyear Island Litchfield 413216N 0732417W
CT03 Goose Island New London 412010N 0722058W
CT01 Goose Island Fairfield 411139N 0730703W
CT01 Goose Island Fairfield 410100N 0733559W
CT01 Goose Island Fairfield 410418N 0732219W
CT02 Goose Island New Haven 411228N 0724021W
CT02 Goose Rocks New Haven 411447N 0724304W
CT01 Gorham Island Fairfield 410838N 0732149W
CT02 Governor Island New Haven 411517N 0724523W
CT04 Governors Island Windham 414730N 0720505W
CT02 Grass Island New Haven 411604N 0723929W
CT01 Grass Island Fairfield 410135N 0733224W
CT01 Grassy Hammock Rocks Fairfield 410438N 0732303W
CT01 Grassy Island Fairfield 410413N 0732302W
CT01 Grassy Rock Fairfield 405926N 0733851W
CT01 Great Captain Island Fairfield 405856N 0733745W
CT01 Great Captain Rocks Fairfield 405902N 0733901W
CT03 Great Island New London 411717N 0721958W
CT01 Great Island Fairfield 410308N 0732818W
CT04 Great Rocks Middlesex 411609N 0722733W
CT01 Green Island Fairfield 413253N 0732809W
CT02 Green Island New Haven 411523N 0724740W
CT02 Green Island New Haven 411519N 0725037W
CT01 Greenway Island Fairfield 410212N 0733022W
CT01 Greenwich Island Fairfield 410044N 0733439W
CT03 Griswold Island New London 411740N 0721329W
CT02 Gull Rock New Haven 411602N 0723555W
CT02 Gull Rocks New Haven 411448N 0725040W
CT04 Halftide Rock Middlesex 411540N 0722401W
CT03 Hall Island New London 411939N 0715106W
CT02 Hatch Rock New Haven 411437N 0724219W
CT01 Hay Island Fairfield 410250N 0732818W
CT01 Haycock Rock Fairfield 410450N 0732130W
CT02 Hen Island New Haven 411514N 0724450W
CT01 Hiding Rocks Fairfield 410237N 0732533W
CT02 High Island New Haven 411457N 0724530W
CT03 High Rock New London 411821N 0720926W
CT01 Highwater Rock Fairfield 410107N 0733231W
CT01 Hitchcock Rock Fairfield 410038N 0733614W
CT03 Hobs Island New London 411919N 0720435W
CT02 Hog Island New Haven 411855N 0730455W
CT02 Hookers Rock New Haven 411439N 0724703W
CT02 Horse Island New Haven 411528N 0724225W
CT02 Horse Island New Haven 411440N 0724529W
CT01 Horse Island Fairfield 410050N 0733619W
CT02 House Chimney Island New Haven 411541N 0724538W
CT01 Hoyt Island Fairfield 410426N 0732511W
CT03 Huntley Island New London 411750N 0721326W
CT01 Inner Cove Rock Fairfield 410047N 0733455W
CT02 Inner White Top New Haven 411530N 0724015W
CT03 Intrepid Rock New London 411757N 0720017W
CT01 Jack Island Fairfield 410151N 0733210W
CT02 Jefferson Rock New Haven 411439N 0724203W
CT02 Jeffrey Rock New Haven 411448N 0724911W
CT03 Johns Rock New London 411713N 0721457W
CT02 Johnson Island New Haven 411449N 0724500W
CT01 Jones Rocks Fairfield 405920N 0733805W
CT10 Kelsey Island New Haven 411500N 0725113W
CT04 Kings Island Hartford 415717N 0723647W
CT01 Kitts Island Fairfield 410623N 0732206W
CT01 L'Hammock Island Fairfield 410317N 0732432W
CT02 Lewis Island New Haven 411550N 0724550W
CT04 Lime Kiln, The Litchfield 413553N 0732641W
CT03 Little Rock New London 411809N 0721029W
CT01 Little Tavern Island Fairfield 410347N 0732513W
CT04 Lobster Rock Middlesex 411614N 0722653W
CT02 Lobster Rock New Haven 411509N 0724001W
CT01 Long Island Fairfield 411305N 0730650W
CT03 Long Rock New London 411729N 0721340W
CT03 Long Rock New London 411832N 0720541W
CT04 Long Rock Middlesex 411622N 0722546W
CT04 Lord Island Middlesex 412610N 0722706W
CT02 Lovers Island New Haven 411517N 0724954W
CT03 Lyddy Island New London 411953N 0715649W
CT03 Major Island New London 412136N 0715020W
CT01 Manresa Island Fairfield 410429N 0732438W
CT02 Marine Island New Haven 411450N 0724504W
CT02 Mary Rock New Haven 411404N 0725359W
CT12 Mason Island New London 411958N 0715803W
CT04 Menunketesuck Island Middlesex 411551N 0722753W
CT02 Middle Rock New Haven 411407N 0725428W
CT02 Middle Rock New Haven 411505N 0724659W
CT03 Middle Rock New London 411808N 0720601W
CT03 Mink Island New London 412056N 0722114W
CT03 Minnie Island New London 413021N 0721319W
CT02 Money Island New Haven 411458N 0724508W
CT02 Moon Rock New Haven 411436N 0724835W
CT03 Mouse Island New London 411854N 0715931W
CT02 Narrows Island New Haven 411529N 0724352W
CT01 Nash Island Fairfield 410231N 0732918W
CT02 Nells Island New Haven 411105N 0730700W
CT03 North Brother New London 411734N 0721443W
CT02 North Rocks New Haven 411244N 0724004W
CT01 Norwalk Islands Fairfield 410347N 0732405W
CT03 Nott Island New London 412100N 0722223W
CT03 Noyes Rock New London 411916N 0715525W
CT04 Oak Island Litchfield 413133N 0732634W
CT01 Old Baldy Fairfield 410243N 0732533W
CT02 Old Cobble Rocks New Haven 411440N 0724501W
CT01 Otter Rocks Fairfield 410001N 0733812W
CT02 Outer Island New Haven 411431N 0724539W
CT02 Outer Thimble New Haven 411427N 0724531W
CT02 Outer White Top New Haven 411506N 0723957W
CT01 Peach Island Fairfield 410458N 0732421W
CT01 Peacock Island Fairfield 411243N 0730657W
CT01 Pecks Rock Fairfield 410049N 0733612W
CT01 Pelican Island Fairfield 410031N 0733507W
CT03 Perch Island New London 411934N 0715154W
CT03 Pine Island New London 411848N 0720332W
CT01 Pine Island Fairfield 412820N 0732646W
CT06 Plains, The Fairfield 410310N 0732419W
CT03 Planet Rock New London 411839N 0715933W
CT01 Popes Island Fairfield 411310N 0730639W
CT02 Pork Rocks New Haven 411508N 0724638W
CT02 Pot Island New Haven 411453N 0724519W
CT02 Potato Island New Haven 411523N 0724531W
CT03 Poverty Island New London 411653N 0722000W
CT03 Powder Island New London 412024N 0720534W
CT01 Pratt Island One Fairfield 410234N 0732929W
CT01 Pratt Island Two Fairfield 410230N 0732922W
CT03 Quinnipeag Rocks New London 411907N 0720517W
CT03 Ram Island New London 411848N 0715846W
CT03 Rapid Rock New London 411717N 0720608W
CT03 Rat Island New London 412115N 0722142W
CT01 Raymond Rocks Fairfield 410420N 0732359W
CT02 Red Point Rocks New Haven 411449N 0724544W
CT01 Red Rock Fairfield 410022N 0733644W
CT04 Rich Island Middlesex 412620N 0722709W
CT01 Rich Island Fairfield 410011N 0733840W
CT03 Rock Island New London 411950N 0715606W
CT04 Rock Island Litchfield 413126N 0732618W
CT02 Rogers Island New Haven 411533N 0724548W
CT01 Round Island Fairfield 410033N 0733729W
CT02 Round Rock New Haven 411410N 0725305W
CT02 Saint Helena Island New Haven 411550N 0724617W
CT04 Salt Island Middlesex 411631N 0722632W
CT01 Salt Rock Fairfield 410037N 0733549W
CT01 Sandy Hammock Fairfield 410349N 0732429W
CT03 Sandy Point New London 411952N 0715349W
CT02 Savin Rock New Haven 411455N 0725733W
CT01 Saw Island Fairfield 413608N 0724247W
CT04 Scraggy Island Middlesex 413559N 0723013W
CT03 Seal Rock New London 411743N 0721354W
CT03 Seal Rocks New London 411933N 0715830W
CT02 Sedge Island New Haven 411454N 0724841W
CT01 Shea Island Fairfield 410336N 0732410W
CT01 Sheep Rocks Fairfield 410505N 0732244W
CT01 Shore Island Fairfield 410001N 0733841W
CT03 Shore Rock New London 411813N 0720558W
CT03 Sixpenny Island New London 412003N 0715851W
CT02 Smith Island New Haven 411520N 0724425W
CT03 South Brother New London 411722N 0721424W
CT02 Spectacle Island New Haven 411445N 0724817W
CT01 Sprite Island Fairfield 410523N 0732254W
CT02 Squaw Rocks New Haven 411459N 0724829W
CT04 Stone Island Middlesex 411513N 0723049W
CT02 Stony Island New Haven 411424N 0725150W
CT04 Strong Island Litchfield 415406N 0730547W
CT02 Sumac Island New Haven 411448N 0724837W
CT03 Swimming Rock New London 411839N 0715917W
CT02 Taunton Rock New Haven 411444N 0724935W
CT01 Tavern Island Fairfield 410338N 0732518W
CT04 Thatchbed Island Middlesex 412047N 0722302W
CT09 Thimbles, The New Haven 411502N 0724517W
CT01 Thistle Island Fairfield 413326N 0732852W
CT02 Three Quarters Rock New Haven 411232N 0723957W
CT03 Threefoot Rock New London 411822N 0721152W
CT01 Tree Hammock Fairfield 410352N 0732420W
CT02 Tuxis Island New Haven 411557N 0723608W
CT01 Tweed Island Fairfield 410031N 0733700W
CT03 Twin Brothers New London 411959N 0715633W
CT04 Twin Islands Middlesex 413537N 0723017W
CT02 Twin Rocks New Haven 411454N 0725730W
CT01 Twomile Island Fairfield 411750N 0730402W
CT03 Twotree Island New London 411740N 0720911W
CT02 Umbrella Island New Haven 411459N 0725033W
CT01 Vincent Island Fairfield 410208N 0733036W
CT01 Wakeman Island Fairfield 410744N 0731514W
CT03 Walden Island New London 412807N 0720406W
CT04 Wannuppee Islands Litchfield 413503N 0732540W
CT03 Waterford Island New London 411857N 0721044W
CT11 Watts Island New London 411756N 0721315W
CT02 Wayland Island New Haven 411512N 0724440W
CT02 West Crib New Haven 411506N 0724520W
CT04 West Rock Middlesex 411512N 0723201W
CT03 Whale Rock New London 411851N 0715920W
CT03 Whaleback Rock New London 411841N 0715908W
CT02 Wheeler Island New Haven 411535N 0724511W
CT04 Wheeler Rock Middlesex 411523N 0723142W
CT01 White Rock Fairfield 410402N 0732429W
CT03 White Rock New London 411811N 0721036W
CT03 White Rock New London 411922N 0715619W
CT03 White Rock New London 412013N 0720531W
CT02 White Top Rock New Haven 411528N 0724628W
CT03 Wigwam Rock New London 411901N 0721146W
CT04 Wilcox Island Middlesex 413429N 0723858W
CT02 Willard Island New Haven 411520N 0723242W
CT01 Wilson Head Fairfield 410001N 0733827W
CT04 Wintergreen Island Litchfield 415429N 0730543W
CT01 Wood Island Fairfield 410323N 0732420W
CT01 Woolsey Rock Fairfield 410002N 0733355W
CT02 Wooster Island New Haven 411650N 0730500W
CT01 Yellow Rock Fairfield 410341N 0732533W
CT01 Yellow Rocks Fairfield 410258N 0732453W