What in the Radio-Shack Should Have

barang-barang penting yang diperlu set-up as amateur radio:-

1.mobile rig single band atau dual-bander 
2.Base antenna, weather are single band or dual-band, or a homebrew or beli punya
3.Using cable RG213 or the better wire cable
4.Coaxial lighting arrester protector 
5.SWR & Power meter
6.Power Supply 13.8 Volt - 30 amp Must attached with the fan for cooler
7.All power sources must be connected to ELCB as a emergency control
8.Home base radio loud speaker
9.Mobile rig
10.Mobile Antenna base on band
11.Handy better all banders
12.back-up power seal acid battery 12V 60amp packed, completed with the charger
13. Multi-meter better digitalla.. 
14.cable wire jumpers all connection..
15.all socket so239,bnc and others accessories
16.Discone antenna for monitoring
17.all kind of soldering iron kits
18.ada FRS or cb radio laaa