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Used Equipments

Used SWR Daiwa


Portable Antenna for HF freequency.Brand MFJ, Open Box


Packet Radio TNC-SJ1200 Modem for any mobile rig.Come  with CD-Rom,cables from PC to TNC and to the rig.Complete set, Made in Thailland.

RM160.00 (Left 2 units)

Slots of Motorola GP300 Desktop Charger for 10 units One-Row Complete Sets

RM1,050.00  Sold Out

Used Racal Syncall Man-Pack ,No Mobile whip antenna, 6-7 Mhz only

RM1,500.00 Sold Out

Used MFJ TNC-2 Packet Radio Controller

RM160.00  Sold Out

Used Motorola GM 300 Mobile with 16 Channel, Frequency 146 - 170 

RM800.00 Sold Out


New Equipments

Used Motorola GP 68 Handy UHF 8 Channel with No Charger but with new battery


New (Open Box) Meetz Power & SWR Meter 3.5 - 220 Mhz , HS260S Super (200 Watt) Made in Indonesia. Good & working condition.


New Microphone Homebrew For Icom Mobile Rig


Portable HF Antenna 40m  thru 10m MFJ 1621  


New (Open Box) CB Radio Concord II Ham International 120 Channel (3 Band  ABC) Multimode 


Used Alinco DX-70T HF/50Mhz 100 watt

RM2,200.00  Sold Out

New Ekkie SWR & Power Meter with Frequency Counter 

RM500.00  Sold Out

CP6 HF Vertical Antenna

RM800.00  Sold Out


New 7/8 Mobile antenna for VHF, Made in Thailand. (antenna only)

RM150.00 Sold Out


NOTE: Some of the item is belong to my ham-friend's, I m doing this volunteering on behalf of him. If u have plan to buy please do not hatetise to sms me, i will let u to direct contact  to the owner. The Picture for the items will coming soon.

Last updated ; 19 July.,2007