Temporary web page of 9V1XE


Hello !

My name is Mirek 9V1XE

I am Polish born ,Australian Radio Amateur, and due to my work, I am spending most of my time travelling the world.

I have been in and out of Singapore since 1987.

I was first licensed in Singapore in 1987, as 9V1XE. Since then I have left Singapore and lived in many other parts of the world. As recently as in 1998 I returned here for a few years stay. I have been back on the air as 9V1XE since July 1999 until end of November 2002. At the moment I am not operational from Singapore.

As of December 2002 I am mainly active as VK6DXI, from Perth, Western Australia.


Please note, that SP5UAF is now my QSL manager for following call signs: 9M8DX, 9M8DX/2 and 7X0DX.

For my all other operations, I take care of the cards myself.

Please check QTRZ.COM for details.

Thank you for visiting my home page.

This page was last updated on 2009 11 30