Antenna Project - 2009





   Materials and Installation:



                                                                                           Mosley TA-63 N








 Mosley TA-40 KR for 40 meter






                                                       M Square 2MCP14 for VHF                                                                                 





                                                                                                                      M Square 436CP30 for UHF





                                                                                                                 Weather Guard for Antenna             





                                                                                                   Solid Fiber rod for VHF and UHF mast




                                                                                                              LMR-400 Ultra flux and Belden RG8       





                                                                                                                        PVC Trunking for Cables





                                                                                                               Yaesu G-5500 for AZ/EL   





 Rotor with Lightning Air Terminal





Yaesu GS-065 Thrust Bearing      






                                                                                                                          VHF and UHF Installed




                                                                                                       First I try with Air core RF chock for HF






Try with Diamond BU-50, no much difference





Antenna installed with out 40 meter



Antenna project 2010




have encounter some problem with my Antenna system

  • My Rig to the Antenna I have layed 225 feet cable for each Antenna, so the cable loss is high. I'm not able to receive weak signals and It's pickup lot of static noise.
  • My Antenna stack is too close so I unable to fix the TA-40-KR adapter for 40 meter.

My existing Antenna cable is Belden 9913F7 RG 8U and Times Microwave LMR-400 Ultra flex, so I looking further  very low loss cable, finally I decided to purchase Andrew Heliax LDF5-50A.


My rig to Antenna, I have to cross 17 bends due to the cable rooting.  LDF5-50A cable diameter over jacket is 1.08 inches. I was afraid, if I bend the cable  90 degree, inside contactor may change the shape, because it is a copper tube, then its lead to affect the impedance of the cable. I don't want to give up. I managed to get a special tool and try to bend a short length, after bend I open the cable and inspect it. The result is good. The photos are bellow.  




 Tool to bend     





                                                                                                                        After long bend




Outer jacket removed




Inner tube is in good shape






Top ends connected with Alpha Delta surge protectors




Another end of the cable, Rig side





Adapter connected




MOSLEY TA-63N+TA-40KR Layout drawing





Antenna installation is completed

  • HF Antenna    : Mosley 6 band beam TA-63-N and TA-40-KR   ( 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20  and 40 Meter)
  • VHF Antenna : M square, 2MCP14 Circular Polarized Yagi.
  • UHF Antenna : M square, 436CP30 Circular Polarized Yagi.





















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