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Clothing Short, T-shirt and sandals are the most comfortable attire for the resort and going to town.
Health Check with your doctor and Disease Control for any shots that you may need and updated heath advisory for the region you are visiting.
Common illness is Diarrhea caused by different food / environment. Please bring appropriate medicine. Mosquito bites are also a problem outdoor in the evenings. Use lotion with repellant after evening shower.

Electricity 220 volts UK square pin plug.
Standby generator on premises.

Money Malaysian Ringgit is the currency in Malaysia.
The exchange rate is fixed by the government at MR 3.80 = US$ 1.00. You are only allowed to bring in/out no more than MR 1000 in Malaysian currency. So its best to exchange your money in Malaysia.
You can exchange USD easily over there with the following conditions, issued 1995 or later, preferably big face bank notes, clean, no markings, stamps, writings or staple holes. Does not have to be mint, just nice bills.

Custom Most of the times, your baggage will have to go through Custom only in Kota Kinabalu Airport. There are no custom duty on amateur radio transceiver, however you need an import permit.
Baggage Transpacific flight allow 2 bags @ 70 lb (30 kg) each, however inside Asia the allowance is only 2 bags totaling 44 lb (20 kg).
Please check your ticket for baggage allowance if you make stopover or travel within Asia.

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