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LICENSE Information
As a licensed amateur radio operator in your country, you may operate the club radio station using the club callsign 9M6AAC or you may use contest call 9M6A to operate in major contest. All operation will be limited on authorized Malaysian amateur radio frequencies as listed on the license.

You do not have to apply for a license for guest operator, however your operating privilege will be governed by the privilege of your home license.

All QSLs for 9M6AAC and 9M6A are handled by Bob N2OO

However if you prefer to use your own personal callsign, a temporary operating license may be obtained from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commision www.mcmc.gov.my
We have two classifications of ham license here in Malaysia :
Class A use 9M prefix and allows full privilege on all ham bands
Class B is our VHF only license and does not permit operation on HF.
So you will be issued with class A.

Recent regulation states that you Callsign will be 9M6/yourcall and only licensees from the following countries which have reciprocal agreement with Malaysia would be issued a license

Thailand India Switzerland
Indonesia China Finland
Laos Mongolia Germany
Vietnam Myanmar
United Kingdom Czechoslovakia

Foreign radio operator which came from country which has no reciprocal agreement with Malaysia will be dealt with on case by case basis with introductory letter from MARTS

Guidelines Callsign
Amateur Radio Callsign Guidelines in Adobe PDF format
adobe reader
License Application Form
Application Form in Adobe PDF format
License Application Secrecy Form
Secrecy Form in HTML format

Application Procedure
  1. Please print and fill in the above forms.
  2. As indicated in the form, the fee is RM60.00
    Current exchange rate is RM 3.80 = US$ 1.00
  3. The Secrecy Form (form # 2) can be done in your country and witnessed by a Commissioner for Oath.
  4. Supporting documents :
    1. Copy of your valid Amateur Radio License.
    2. Copy of your valid Travel Document e.g Passport
    3. Letter of Introduction from your home Club or Society, a reference.
    4. copies of passport size photos.
    5. They will also require a letter of support from a local club in Sabah which will be obtained locally.
Hillview Gardens ARC can assist in getting your reciprocal license, however there is no guarantee. The lead time for Licensing Application for 9M6 is usually 3 months, since paperwork has to be submitted in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and then forwarded to the main MCMC office in Kuala Lumpur for processing. So please submit the forms and documents as early as possible.

Please mail all the above to :

Alfons Undan,
PO Box 210 Keningau, Sabah 89008
Write to Alfons or Doris if you need more information on licensing procedures.

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