My name .  .  .  .   Marzuki

QTH  .   .   .   .   .     Kedah , Malaysia.

My QSL  info.   .   Lot  1,  Kg.Simpang Pasir , Jln Kalai ,                                                 

                                08700 Jeniang, Kedah  Malaysia





                                                                         This is me es my  radio shack


                                           Es  here  is  my   tale …………………….


I first came to know abt the ham radio in the year  1966  . I saw  a big huge antenna   look  like a spider  web  strung over a  semidetached  house in Sg.Petani ,  a small town , north  of Malaysia  Peninsular.   Later I learned that the owner ,Mr. Tara Singh was a Ham (9M2TA). I did visit him for several times  before I qrx  the hobby.


20 years later I was stung  by the bites agn and start reading the book which I did not understand , since I have  no electronics  background  tnx to  Cik  Gu Danial  9M2DI,

Cik  Gu  Aru  9M2AW  Cik GU  Rahman  9M2AR  and  Mr Gomez  9M2BG and many other, not to forget  MARTS  who puts my call sign es name in the world ham call book .


                                           Click  here  to see my station


                                          My homebrew page


  1. Click here to see my homebrew  20 meter antenna
  2. Click here to see my homebrew  40 meter antenna
  3. Click here to see my homebrew  5/8 2 meter  antenna
  4. Click here to see my homebrew  2 meter  swr/power 
  5. Click here to see my  SARAWAK gerigai  
  6. Click here to see my antenna vhf  tuning unit




Still under constructions

  My  next  projects