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                    MY EQUIPMENT ON 1296 MHZ

My Equipment on 1296Mhz is a Transverter by SSB

Electronics, the LT230-S using the 144Mhz as an IF,

power output is round 30 watts.


I also have the TS-2000X which is equipped with

the 1296Mhz module which gives round 10 watts output.


As for the Amplifiers I have a DL2AM Amplifier with  

round 100 watts output, I also have a TH308

Tube Amplifier which is rated round 400 watts output.


As for the antennas I have a vertical antenna by

Diamond Antennas which I use for the local traffic,

I also constructed a long Yagi from the Dl6wu design.


For EME I have a TVRO meshed Dish antenna, it is a

3.05 mtr dia (10foot) in size and was used for

satellite reception. The feed is by OK1DFC and is

the Septum feed. The receive mode is circular.

I also have a similar septum feed but it is round

shaped and includes a choke to.


Rotation of the antenna is via a Prosistel, the

PST-2051 which was configured with a slow ratio gear

 box for easy tracking. I plan to add the W2DRZ

tracking system for better tracking. The elevation  is

via a 24 inch Jack.


The preamps are by DJ9BV and it’s a cavity input

type preamp with a very low noise figure and 

with round 20 db Gain , a second preamp follows but

 is the basic type.