Text Box:     Welcome to the Website of 9H1BN


This is basically my equipment for the hf bands , my first hf rig was the Kenwood TS-850S with it's own power supply and extra Speaker and Dsp unit then followed the Kenwood TS-870 which is one of the best rigs I ever had, then came the Kenwood TS-2000 which is a multi band rig.


Later I shifted my taste to Icom and got the Icom IC-756 Pro II which is a very excellent radio  and lately got the Icom IC-7200 which is more like a portable rig . I like the looks of this radio looking like a military type radio with those side handles , I love those looks in such radios. With the IC-7200 I also use the AH-4 antenna tuner which works great . 


I also have a Icom IC-707 which is a very simple radio which I use also for portable activity , I also have the antenna tuning unit to go with this radio which fits externally.


Finally the antenna which is the most important part in the station, it is an Hy-Gain Explorer 14  , a 4 element beam for 14 - 21 - 28 MHz and the performance of this antenna is great.

Plans are to add some dipoles to.


My Amplifiers on HF are the Ameritron AL80-BX with a single 3-500Z tube and the Icom IC-PW1Euro

which also delivers power on 50 Mhz to.


Plans are to add a homebrew Amplifier with an 8877 but I am still getting the parts to build it.