The Pope John Paul II in Croatia


The Pope John Paul II in Croatia




       This award will be issued to licensed OM’s and listeners (SWL) under the following conditions.


       The award has two stages:

a)      BASIC: 3 different (any) call signs from Croatia or one special call sign (see below)

b)      GOLD MEDAL: 5 different (any) call signs from Croatia plus obligatory one special call sign (see below)


       Special call signs valid for the award:

9A 900 PAX, 9A 98 JP, 9A 0 PAX, 9A 100 IP…


       Only QSO’s valid for this award are those ones which are made in the year when the Pope visited Croatia: 1994, 1998 and 2003


       There are 4 classes of this award: CW, PHONE, RTTY and MIXED. All QSO’s on HF (WARC bands are O.K.), 50 MHz / 6 m and on 144 MHz / 2 m are valid for this award.


       All modes on all bands are accepted, except via relays. Contest QSO’s are also OK. Cross-mode or cross-band contacts are excluded.


       The award fee is 6 EUR, and the medal fee is 15 EUR.


       QSL cards do not have to be sent to the award manager together with the award application but they must be in applicant’s possession. The GCR list (with call sign, date UTC, band and mode) must be certified by two licensed OM’s or by the national award manager.


       Apply to:

Krešimir Juratović, 9A7K
P. O. Box 88
HR - 48001 Koprivnica

       For other information:

a) E-mail: [email protected] & [email protected]
b) Award Manager’s web site at
c) Croatian Amateur Radio Association’s official web page at