Croatian Lighthouse Award (CLHA)


About Diploma


            Croatian IOTA Hunters Group – CIHG , in collaboration with Croatian Amateur Radio Association, issue a diploma called  Croatian Lighthouse Award’ (CLHA).

This award acknowledges the importance of lighthouses and their crews in maritime navigation. The award pays tribute to people located on small, desolate islands and islets, daily exposed to hardship andd danger, and we acknowledge and honour their dedicated work.


The aim of the award is to encourage and promote amateur radio activity from Croatian lighthouses, both by local hams and those from abroad, which also will promote Croatian tourism.


R  U  L  E  S



The idea and design for the Croatian Lighthouse Award came from Kresimir Juratovic, 9A7K. Diploma is issued for confirmed contacts with hams operating from Croatian lighthouses. All QSOs after 1st July, 2000 are valid.


Art. 2

            Diploma CLHA is obtainable both for Activators (operators from Croatian lighthouses) and Hunters (for contacts made with Activators).


Art. 3

            A total of 200 Croatian lighthouses count for the Award. Each lighthouse is allocated its permanent CLH reference number (ie, lighthouse Palagruza is CLH–100).



Art. 4

            Expeditions or individuals coming to a certain lighthouse must announce their trip in advance to Award manager and ask for CLH number. Once a lighthouse is assigned a CLH number, it stays permanetnly assigned to it.


Art. 5

            In order to have an expedition recognized and validated, regardless of the fact that CLH number is, or is not assigned, Activators must comply with the following requirements:


a)      Contacts must be made from inside the lighthouse or closely nearby

      (proven by photograph showing lighthouse, antenna or equipment),

b)      Photograph with all operators during expedition must be submitted,

c)      Minimum QSO requirement is 101 contacts made from each lighthouse (proven by log copy or email list).


Activators must submit required data to Award manager 2 months after the ending of expedition at latest (photos and log excerpts may be scanned and emailed as files).

Art. 6

                Each activator  must reply to all QSL cards received.


Art. 7

            Manager has a privilege to disqualify an expedition, if he decides it did not comply with the requirements or the rules of ham spirit.


Art. 8

            A list of all Croatian lighthouses for CLHA is obtainable from the Award manager on request. List is free of charge, however, return postage cover is required   (3 USD or 3 EURO or 6 IRCs). Each copy of CLH Directory is numbered.





Art. 9

            Each award applicant must be in possession of a CLHA Directory.  Application sheet is inside this Directory and each activator or award applicant must fill it out and return to Award manager.


Art. 10

Diploma has 6 levels:


Diploma Levels


Award Applicants


10 CLH

  10 CLH

Silver endorsement

50 CLH

  50 CLH

Gold  endorsement

100 CLH

100 CLH


150 CLH

150 CLH

CLH Trophy

180 CLH

180 CLH

CLH Honour Roll

200 CLH

200 CLH



Art. 11

Diploma is issued in categories: CW, Phone and Mixed. All contacts in short-wave and  WARC bands are allowed.Diploma is available for both 50 MHz and 144 MHz contacts as well, but only in category Mixed.

Contacts through repeaters, packet radio or satellites are not allowed.


Art. 12

            CLH award applicants must be located in one single DXCC entity. If applicants used special event call, proof of valid permit for a special event call must be submitted.


Art. 13

            Award applicants do not need to send received QSL cards, however, they must have them in possession. Manager will have the right to check one or several cards on request. Award is available after receipt of properly filled application form. Data requested in this application form are the following:


CLH callsign, CLH frequency, lighthouse name, date, time, frequency, mode and report.


Art. 14

Basic CLH award fee is 5 USD or 5 EURO for hams outside Croatia. Croatian hams shall pay a fee in local currency of 25 kuna.

Additionally, applicants need to submit 2 IRCs for postal expense. Each endorsement fee is 10 kuna or 2 USD, or 2 EURO, plus 1 IRC for postal expense.

Medal fee is 10 USD or 10 EURO, or equivalent in local currency kuna, plus 3 IRCs for postal expense.

CLHA Trophy fee is 25 USD or 25 EURO, plus 4 IRCs for postal expense.

Diploma CLHA Honour Roll is free-of-charge for all hams.


Art. 15

Activators do not pay fees for diploma/endorsement/medal. However, when submitting their application, they must provide cover for sufficient postal expenses  (applicable 2, 1, or 3 IRCs).


Art. 16

            Diploma is also available for short-wave listeners (SWL), under the same conditions as for licenced hams.


Art. 17

All diploma holders (both activators and hunters) are entitled to use CLHA logo on all their correspondence and QSL cards.



Art. 18

            All applications for CLH should be directed to CLH Award manager:


CLH Award Manager

Krešimir Juratović, 9A7K

P. O. BOX: 88

HR-48001 Koprivnica



Art. 19

All additional information is available on request from the manager, either by

post-mail, e-mail, packet radio, or Internet web pages :


a)   packet radio: [email protected]

b)      e-mail: or [email protected]

c)      web page:


Art. 20

            All information on previous and recognized expeditions on Croatian lighhouses, as well as current number of activated lighthouses and a list of diploma holders will be regularly announced in ham magazine Radio HRS, on packet radio BBS 9A0BBS and 9A0YKZ, column CLHA, and the following web page:


Art. 21

            Diploma creator holds the right to change or amend certain criteria or requirements. If certain changes do occur, expeditions’ approval or  recognition will be held under the criteria existing at the time of expedition.



Čl. 22

            All CLHA copyrights are reserved by diploma creator.


                                                                 CLHA award manager

                                                                              Kresimir Juratovic, 9A7K