RF deck


C     - 1 nF/100V  RF blocking 

C1   - 3x 100pF/5kV

C2   - 100 pF/5kV

C3   - 250 pF air variable

C4   - 600 pF air variable

C6   - 2 nF silver mica

C7   - 1,5 nF silver mica

C8   - 600 pF silver mica

C9   - 150 pF silver mica

C10 - 2 nF/8kV door-knob

C11 - 2 nF/5kv 

L1   - 6 wounds of 5mm Cu tube (length 45mm, outer diameter 60 mm)

L2   - 6 wounds of 2mm Cu wire (length 35mm, outer diameter 60 mm)

L3   - 17 wounds of 2mm Cu wire (length 80mm, outer diameter 100 mm)

VFP1- anode choke diameter 30mm length 150mm Cu wire 0.7mm wounds fit to length

VFP2- HV leakage protection choke 2 mH or more (from surplus box)

VFP3- 1.5mm Cu wire bifilar wounded choke on 15cm ferrite rod, wounds fit to length

Z     -  suppressor 2 wounds 2mm Cu wire 2cm outer diameter choke wounded around 47 ohm 2w resistor

T1   -  mains transformer for heating and controls

P1   -  Power on switch (2A/250V)

P2   -  HV on switch (2A/250V)

P3   -  STBY 2A/250V switch (2A/250V)

D1  -  power on green LED

D2  -  STBY green LED

D3  -  ON AIR red LED

REL1- DPDT 8a relay

REL2- SPDT 16A/250V relay

V    - blower 220V



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