160m amplifier with sweep tubes


 Few years ago 9A6C purchased CB amplifier with 5 PL519 sweep tubes inside. Amp was , very generous, declared as 1kw amplifier. One  tube was in pre-driver stage and others was in final stage.

Due to lack of amplifiers with 160m band decision was to rearrange this monster into decent ham amplifier.

Result is amp from ancient days but I really enjoyed in this project. Its delivers up to 600W with 50% efficiency 

and good mains. 


C1     - 2nF silver mica

C2     - 2nF silver mica

C3     - 5kV, 500pF

C4     - blocking, 2kV, 5nF,

Cp     - plate variable condenser 500 pF

CL     - load variable condenser 500pF with 600pF silver mica added in parallel (not shown on shematic)

Rc     - current equalizing resistors  10 ohms 2W

RFC  - wounded on toroidal core founded in some switching device, 0.7 mm wire, wounded to fit

REL1 - 12V

L1      - 40 wounds, 1.6 mm insulated wire, 5cm dia, tap at 12 turns

L2      - 11 wounds, 1.6 mm wire, wounded over L1



160front.jpg (51065 bytes)               160coil.jpg (51971 bytes)             160up.jpg (79468 bytes)