9A2NX-IKO-SISAK-JN85EL-zone 15 
Sisak-river Kupa...                     Operator 9A2NX-Iko in home PPS...   ..
Ecology symbol vilages..    ...my antenen -beam+ dipols...

Sisak is verry old town...                  .....                   
SSTV with CU3ET on 20m               with DJ7NW...SC-3 prg...          
op Nils SM5EEP verry active..     local frend 9A4TL on 80m...          

Hrvatska   9A...                              HI..                      Hrvatski Radioamaterski Savez
Hallo every friend s HAM!
     9A2NX-Iko is long time operator and hobby is 100% and also last job is electronic hi!
  Born in Sisak 1935 year.My QTH Sisak is litl town cca 75.000 peoples and south from
  Zagreb 50 km.Now I pensionist old 66 years.In last time work all mods and QRG....
      Lover autoconstruction rtx and other electrronic.First SSTV QSO have 1975y on 2m,
   with OE8JDK/6 op Dedek..8sec and 32 sec b/w....Work with convertor Wraase SC-140
   and first color conv. SC-1.Now work with PC computor ,SB16 bit sound card SSTV-RTTY
   PSK31-Packet radio on 70cm, 2m, 6m, 40m and 80m. Work also QRP with 2W-CW-80m
   home made .In contest work but now much on SSTV-PSK31 and 6m transv 8W.-home made.
       Active on any helping or humanitar QSO! Thanks for reading my homemade web pages
    and Vy 73 de Iko!
 mailto:[email protected]   


 Thanks to Al-K3TKJ....           My home made RTX 20m 2W PSK31..

     VY 73 from Iko-9A2NX-Sisak-JN85EL