9 A 2 J G




QTH : Bol, Island Brač


I A R U   -   R 1


Z o n e   15


I O T A   -   EU 016


I O C A   -   CI 010


WW locator   -   JN83IG


Operator : Koki


Borivoje Djordjevic – Koki is an active radioamateur since 1965. Active on HF  and VHF. Qth Bol is small town on the island of Brač. Island Brač is only 9 nm from Split . Bol is situated on the southern side of the island, under the mountain Vidova gora, the highest point in the Adriatic sea ( 778 masl ). At a moment it is only one active radio in that area. Enormous north winds does not allow to erect bigger antenna systems, but we run with the dipols, multiband wire antennas, and multiband GP. Transcievers are Drake TR4C, Kenwood TS-530S, and Yaesu FT 707.

Wife Magdalena has a callsign 9A7LFZ  since 1982, but not active ham for a moment.

We are involved in tourism, so many hams use to visit us, mostly from Italy and Slovenia. Our two very usefull e-mail adresses are [email protected] and [email protected].  Our phone number is ++385 21 635343, fax no is ++385 21 635746. We use MSN messenger to communicate with other friends on the internet. We use to send QSL cards via bureau, but in the near future we will use electronic (internet) QSL.