BCC MS CONTEST 2003:  9A1CAL/P in JN82

In the Geminids shower (11th of December 2003 to 15th of December 2003) 9A1CAL was active again from JN82IW, hill Hum near Vela Luka, Island of Korcula in the southern Adriatic. We spent last year Leonids there, working mostly SSB, and this time was QRV FSK441 (mostly) and HSCW (a few QSO only) running BCC MS contest.

Here are the results: we completed 98 QSO-s, 94 FSK441 and 4 HSCW (61 px multipliers, 18666 points in BCC contest). Unfortunately 25 QSO attempts were NC.

Shower was excellent, result isn't bad, but we were to south to achieve top contest score. There is big difference working from JN82IW and JN86EL (our home QTH), it is difficult to work Scandinavian stations from there, seems additional 360 km of QRB (distance between JN86 and JN82) is playing significant role. Also, we were using only 300W of output power because of some problems with power generator.

Our plan was to be more active HSCW, but unfortunately we find out that double points for HSCW QSO are not enough to encourage HSCW work. HSCW attempts were just time (and contest score) wasting. In the conditions of low HSCW activity you can collect more contest points working WSJT only. Some changes in the contest rules must be done in the future if we really want to increase HSCW activity (just an idea for contest organizers: may be involving separate / repeated multipliers for HSCW and WSJT ? ).

Thanks to all for QSO & points, congratulation to the winners.
Best 73's de 9A1CAL/P team:

Mario 9A4DE, Pepi 9A4RJ, Joza 9A5RJ, Vlatko 9A5AVW, and Zvonko 9A6WW

9A1CAL/P log is available online as:
  • All QSO-s (C + NC)
  • Completed QSO-s only (C)
  • Log sorted by callsigns
  • Log search

  • If you want see JN82IW location description (incl. lot of pictures), please go to Leonids 2002 expedition page, click at 'Expeditions' in the menu left.

    BCC contest results (previous years)



    DL5MAE, single-op winner and
    9A1CAL (represented by 9A6WW), multi-op winner