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Antennas on 9A1BTU: 2m 17el F9F9T, 2m/70cm vertical, 2m 9el DL6WU, 14-21-28MHz 3el Fritzel beam, 14-21-28MHz vertical GP and 2m 2*5/8 Diamond GP

Annual meeting, 50 years of Vallis Aurea Radio Club, 1997.

This is how everything started on contest location Laze: with 9el Delta Loop (vertical) and 9el YU0B for 2m

And the proud team: (L-R) 9A2XF, 9A3TN, 9A9AU, 9A3PY

Next spring we decided to make it big. 4*17el F9FT (horizontal) and 2*9el Delta Loop (vertical) system was choosen. How many amateurs it need to put this antenna system on tower ? It sure needs experienced ones. (L-R: 9A3PY, 9A3TG, 9A7GMB, 9A3TN)

Take a look at the final result!

9A2XF trying to get maximum from his H-T at the top of 20m high tower. You can see 4*17el F9FT (horizontal) and 2*9el Delta Loop (vertical) antenna system for 2m at contest location Laze.

Panoramic view from the tower

9A2XF, 9A3TG, 9A4KA, 9A3TN (L-R) at Contest Location, during Hamfest 1998.

City Mayor prof. Branko Skorup talking to Amateurs, during Hamfest 1998.

9A3PA - 2nd place in Pozega'98 VHF Contest

9A4RU - 1st place in Pozega'98 HF Contest

Happy faces...

Huge smile on 9A3TN's...

...and 9A9AU's faces at the beginning of the Contest...

Bad score? Hopefully no, every HAM looks the same after 24 hour-contest?

Young and old HAMs at contest location (9A7GMB talking)

9A4P (Contest callsign) and 9A1BTU QSL Card faces, showing Pozega's old centre with baroque architecture

Next challenge: 6m A.K.A The Magic Band. This effective 4el beam was made from an old VHF TV antenna by simple cut-paste procedure.

After first amazing results on 6m, two scrap TV antennas were converted into huge 7 element beam. 9A3TN and 9A9AU viewed from the tower.

9A3TN is ready, new 6m beam is waiting to be lifted...

Is it heavy? 9A3TN knows the right answer...

Finally! Beam is up, the supporting ropes fixed. And now, the coax.

From the safe ground level, everything looks simple, ain't it?

Another beautiful view...

What is new? The 70cm band antennas! 4*21 el F9FT


Pictures by 9A3TG, 9A3TN, 9A5TT and Alen Nedela