7P8 DXpediton 2000 to Lesotho

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Meanwhile the call 7P8AA has been given to Danny Liebenberg from South Africa (ZS6AW), who now manages 7P8AA. In 2000 our team got 7P8AA. That means, only QSO between July 4th and July 22nd 2000 belong to our 2000-DXpedition.
All other QSO outside this range do not fall under our responsabilty, and will not be answered.

After our QSL-manager Fritz, DL7VRO, is silent key, all requests came to DL7UBA,
but now Hans, DL1YFF, has taken over. Therefore send to DL1YFF or look his address up at QRZ.COM. Thank you.


Lesotho, the kingdom in the southern part of Africa and surrounded by the South African Republic, will be the destination of our DXpedition in July 2000. Not just on the top of the pops in terms of Amateur Radio or most wanted, it yet is good for pile-ups, particularly on the lower bands and in CW and RTTY. Furthermore it seems to be an interesting place to go, so we decided to go to this country, the ROOF of AFRICA. If you want to know a bit more about the basic facts of Lesotho, have look into the World Factbook.


You will get to know something about our 7P8AA - team on our team site.


Our Photo Gallery

If you like to see some statistics about
the 7P8AA DXpedition, click here.


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from left to right:
Tom I, DL4OCM; Hans, DL1YFF;
Tom II, DL1QW; SWL Sabrina;
Mark, DL1IAN; Dieter, DJ9ON; Jo, DF6VI
upper row:
Dieter, Mark, Tom I, Jo, Tom II
lower row:
Hans, Sabrina
typical hut in Lesotho somewhere on the plateau



7P8AA - Team members
in alphabetic order
DF6VI Joerg Engelbrecht "Jo"
DJ9ON Dieter Messer "Dieter"
DL1IAN Markus Zappe "Mark"
DL1QW Thomas Lind "Tom"
DL1YFF Hans-J. Bartels "Hans"
DL4OCM Thomas Steinmann "Tom"
SWL Sabrina Porsdorf "Sabrina"
Hans-Jürgen Bartels
Nesselstr. 39
D-33699 Bielefeld
QSL direct or via bureau. E-mail requests will be answered, too.



Scheduled activities:

ETD will be 02.07.2000, 21.00 (UTC) from Frankfurt with South African Airways
ETA will be 03.07.2000, 07.45 (UTC) at Johannisburg

From there we shall go by car to Maseru, the Capital of the Kingdom of Lesotho. If everything goes allright (customs, equipment), we should be on the air the next day.

Down there is WINTERTIME! ! !

This DXpedition will be QRV from 03. or 04. of July 2000 until 22nd.July 2000 (3 weeks).

We will be active from 6m (if available) - 160m incl. WARC in SSB, CW and RTTY with 3 stations.

After the DXpedition, you can find an online logsearch at http://dx.qsl.net/logs/index.html


We would like to thank our sponsors

South African Airways


TITANEX Antennas, Germany


Höhne - Funk, Germany

Kühne & Nagel, Bielefeld


Funk Amateur

Stick-Design Schneider (DL6SDZ), Germany

German DX Foundation

European DX Foundation

Süddeutsche DX Gruppe

Northern California DX Foundation

Rhein-Ruhr-DX-Association, Germany


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