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a family tree is a diagram of the people in a family. this is the kelly family tree. all the members of the kelly family are on this family tree

parents, children, grandparents, gandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

alex and kelly are the parents of arnold, billy, and dan.  arnold is married. his wife's name is emma. arnold and emma are the parents of ann and max

ann is their daughter, and max is their son.

billy is married. his wife's name is erica .billy and erica are the parents of robot. robot is their son.

dan is married. his wife's name is sunny. dan and sunny are the parents of josh and monica.

josh is their son, and monica is their daughter.

ann, max,  robot, josh, and monica are cousins. they are also the grandchildren  of alex and kelly.(alex and kelly are their grandparents.)

arnold is robot, josh, and monica's uncle. emma is their aunt. billy is ann, max, josh, and  monica's uncle. erica is their aunt. dan is ann, max, and robot's uncls. sunny is their aunt.

ann is the niece of billy, erica, dan, and suuny. max is their nephew. robot is the nephew of arnlid, emma, dan, and sunny. josh is the nephew of arnold,

emma, billy, and erica. monica is their niece.