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  • Calculate the length of your dipole, quad, vertical on the spot! Other info/java on how to build aerials etc

    VHF/UHF Repeaters in Cyprus

    A few HAMS wonder about the VHF/UHF repeaters in Cyprus. Here is the current list (thanx 5B4FN)
  • VHF

    R/0(ZERO) 145.600 -600 CTCSS 88.5 Hz(Temp.loc. LIMASSOL)

    R/2 145.650 -600 CTCSS 88.5 Hz (Stavrovouni)

    R/5 145.725 -600 CTCSS 88.5 Hz (Troodos)

    R/6 145.750 -600 CTCSS 88.5 Hz (Troodos)

  • UHF

    439.600 -5.000 CTCSS 88.5 Hz (Stavrovouni)

    Contesting: Tips and tricks

  • Contest calendar
  • Contest Secrets: read before start of contest
  • Contesting on-line
  • UK contesting on-line
  • Packet Cluster on the NET
  • KA9FOX web site for Contesters and DXers
  • K1EA contest logging software
  • WPX Man N8BJQ


  • Kenwood/Icom transceiver to PC interface
  • Modifications/Improvements for TS-830/430/440/TL-922/SB200
  • Coaxial stubs etc for Multi-Singles and Multi-multis!"
  • Network 2 or more PCs with K1EA!
  • How CT uses the LPT ports

    Personal Pages

  • G4ZFE Java page..Check out his JAVA applets (morse etc)
  • IW7CHV web page. Lots of links/Ftp/telnet/usenet sites
  • Links to a WWW DXCC!
  • 5B8AH web page (Nestor!)
  • 5B4AFM web page (Stavros)
  • KL7J Web Page
  • Yahoo search on Amateur Radio
  • GJ4ICD's Home Page
  • Lot's of U.K. links
  • Get your free web-space from QSL.NET
  • JH4PHW homepage
  • Ham Radio in space

    Useful References

  • Valve information database
  • Ham Radio elmer.Info about antennas, morse, software etc

    National/International Societies/Clubs

  • CQ contest web pages
  • Cyprus Amateur Radio Society
  • Radio Society of Great Britain
  • American Radio Relay League

    Vendors on the Web

  • Force12 antennas!
  • Valve retailer in the USA
  • The Ultimate List of Amateur Radio Dealers on the web!
  • Norm's rotor service
  • C.A.T.S Rotors
  • Sources of Amateur Radio components (Xtal, Valves)
  • Farnell Electronics(Components etc)
  • Digi-Key USA components supplier

    IOTA expedition to AS-120

  • Check it out!


  • Map of mount Athos
  • Clickable map of Athos
  • More info, pictures from the Athos Monasteries
  • Info about Mount Athos