demorse is a Morse code decoding application for the console. It detects the receiver's audio output via the computer's sound card, using simple dsp techniques, and then decodes the mark/space sequence into characters which are printed on the console screen. demorse has some tolerance to bad operator "fists" and noise or interference, however it could be improved by using more sophisticated audio signal detection. demorse can measure and adapt to the Morse transmission's speed within the range of 10-30 words per minute, the default starting speed being set to about 20 wpm.
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xdemorse is a GTK+ based Morse code signal decoder. It has an integer-arithmetic DFT-derived "waterfall" display of the incoming audio signal's spectrum, as well as a 'scope-like display of the audio detector's output and status of the mark/space discriminator ("slicer"). xdemorse also has CAT for the Elecraft K2/K3 and Yaesu FT847/ FT857 and this can be used to net the receiver's frequency to the incoming signal, by clicking near its trace in the waterfall display.
Manual Read more details on-line or download xdemorse's manual
Package Download the source package of xdemorse with a GTK+-3 GUI.
Xdemorse receiving the XW-2B satellite's beacon on VHF 2m
This is xdemorse decoding the XW-2B satellite's beacon on VHF 2m. The effect of Doppler shift can be seen in the widening of the signal trace in the waterfall display. The receiver was an Elecraft K3 with a 2m transverter and a cross-polarized omni-directional antenna. Doppler shift was corrected by my "xsatcom" application controlling the K3 via its CAT interface.