The audio performance of the ALINCO DX-77 Transceiver can be considerably improved by adding the DSP Noise Reduction Module, originally built for the YAESU FT-817 and the KENWOOD TS-50.

The NEDSP1061-KBD Module is manufactured by bhi Ltd. and I got mine from WiMo Antennen GmbH in Herxheim, Germany.

NEDSP1061-KBD Module

The fitting instructions for the YAESU FT-817 can be downloaded from the bhi-site and here are the differences when fittig the NEDSP1061-KBD Module in the ALINCO DX-77:

The modification is an easy job, as there is plenty of space under the top cover of the rig and no soldering has to be performed at the PC-Boards. The coupling capacitor has not to be removed and the DSP-Module can simply be inserted in the jumper wires connecting the Main Board with the Front Board.

The following pictures are self-explanatory:

MAIN BOARD, GND and NF = Connector CN12, +5V = Connector CN13

Inside view with parts locations and wire routing

Connector 12
Detail of in-wire NF-Connections

Detail of keyboard on angle bracket

Finished Project
...and that's how the finished upgrade looks like!

The NEDSP1061-KBD Package for YAESU FT-817 contains all the necessary parts including the angle bracket for the keyboard, except the M3 screw, nuts and washers to hold the PC-Board.

For any questions concerning this upgrade please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]