ILLW 2019 - Activation Announcement

18 Aug 2019
Unfortunately activations have been cancelled due to family emergency... :-( Hope we can activate a lighthouse or two during the coming weekends and have better luck with ILLW activations next year :-(

13 Aug 2019
During this year's International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend (ILLW), I'm planning to visit three lighthouses in Cyprus activating each one for about 2 hours.

The plan
This will be a one or two day trip to three lighthouses. I'll be using simple equipment - no linear amplifiers or rotating beam antennas - just plain radios (QRP to 100W max) powered by batteries, with small portable or mobile antennas. I'll be working SSB on the 20m band.

Estimated lighthouse activation times:

  1. Saturday, 17 Aug. 0800 - 1000 GMT: Cape Kiti (CYP-004)
  2. Sunday, 18 Aug. 0500 - 0700 GMT: Paphos Point (CYP-005)
  3. Sunday, 18 Aug. 0900 - 1100 GMT: Cape Akamas (CYP-001)

I'll be using callsign 5B8AP/P. QSL via 5B8AP. See QRZ.com for more information.

Hint: Check for 5B8AP-9 on APRS.fi to see if I've reached the lighthouse ;-)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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