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As most of the radio spectrum allocated to amateurs lies in VHF PLUS region only a small portion of it has been investigated. It's the purpose of this pages to let the world know of our struggle in conquering this frequencies.

We are also investigating more esoteric propagation modes like meteor scatter and EME. All the work described here is a team effort: myself 4Z5JA, Howie 4X6UJ and Serge 4Z5JK.

If you have any comments please don't hesitate to e-mail me: [email protected]qsl.net


4X6UJ was active during the A.R.R.L. EME contest with a new 5m dish wich was installed just before the start of the second leg of the competition. We managed to work 40 different stations, all on random. We were very satisfied with it's performance wich was much better over the old 3.2 meters TVRO dish we used last year.

At the present we are using a VE4MA feed with 160W from a solid state amplifier and 15 meters of 7/8" heliax cable. The antenna system is currently not operational due to elevation actuator failure caused by very strong winds. We hope to solve this problem soon and to be active on weekends.

You can take a look at our contest log if you'd like.

Here we have a picture taken during the dish installation

The ionosfere at VHF

This is a very interesting discussion about the influence of the ionosphere on the EME signals from the moon-net reflector compiled by EA6VQ.

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