4U1VIC Visotors

Sep 2003

Rich, VE3IAY, activated our station for WW RTTY contest during his visit to IAEA for a conference.

Aug 2003

OE6VHF and group visited to activate on VHF/UHF

Working on antennas Manfred OE3MWS on the top to put 6m beam up
430 beam easy-on. Our setup on 6m/2m.
Karl OE3KEU (f) on 430, ManfredOE3MWS on 2m. Joerg OH6VHF on 6m

July 2003

Max, JA3ODC/AH0B, visited me during his visit to Vienna for a conference.  He was my Elmer of contesting and DXpedition.

May 2002

Tetsuya JI3OYM, of ICOM Japan, and his wife Hiroko visited us during their honey moon

Dec 2001

Andy RW3AH YU8/9X0A, working at Kosovo mission, operated 4U1VIC during his stay for the work at his HQ in Vienna.

Sep 2001

Ken JA5GZB/WH6W visited during his stay for scientific meeting

Aug 2001

Sei JF1SQC(l) visited 4U1VIC during his trip with his wife.


July 2000

On the way to WRTC 2000 Slovenia....


Akira, JA8RWU, my partner

Sergei, UX1UA, one of the judge