4U1VIC in MIR contest 2002

All of the ops at MIR contest 2002. L  All of ops at MIR contest 2002.   L to R: Michael DL9NDV,  Johannes DF5AU,  Jun JH4RHF and Oliver DJ9AO

Antennas. Center fed Zepp (left to middle), 3ele tribander and Titanex V80 vertical for 80.
Control box of V80 Work on V80 was done after dark.
Johannes running at Stn 1 while Michael seeking for mults on Stn2 Michael at Stn 2, IC765 +TL922
One more Michael Oliver chasing mults at Stn 1, TS870+TL922
One more Oliver Johannes running at Stn 2
Night view of Vienna from 4U1VIC