(4)Nec2 support files


Nec2 Getting Started guides


Some beginners guides to medelling with Nec

-          Part1

-          Part2

-          Part3

-          Part4


Modelling conductive surfaces using wire-grids


Discussing the modelling of surfaces using wire-grids and applying the ‘Equal Area Rule’.


Nec2 user manual


Original Nec2 documentation, describing the use and syntax of the Nec2 command cards.


Nec2dXS executable files


Nec2dXS executable (engine) files to run models containing up to 11000 segments, using virtual memory. When this is the case however, execution time is exponentially increased. These engine files also contain an integrated SomNec calculation engine thus enabling the use of a Sommerfeld-Norton ground when requesting a frequency sweep.

To use these engine files, download the zip-file and put the *.exe files in your ..\4nec2\exe folder.


Nec2D executable files


Original Nec2d executable (engine) files to run models containing a maximum of 11000 segments.

Note: these executables do not run on Windows-XP systems.


Nec2dXS source-code


Nec2dXS Fortran source-code and compiling instructions to create your own Nec2d executable files.