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and other national marks


   First of all I want to apologize in advance for all the grammatical errors that I may make, since my English is not perfect. Now, due to a lack of my spare time, it is not possible for me to translate whole site from Serbian to English just yet, I will, however, translate it partially.

   If you don`t speak Serbian, and you want to know something about Serbian Arms, please e-mail me, and I will be happy to answer your question.


   Welcome to the Internet presentation of Serbian Arms. On this site, I will try to answer the broad subject of Serbian national arms, flags, and other national attributes. Because of the absence of this kind of material on the Internet, I will upload this site, even before Ifinish it completely. Therefore I ask you to bear with the graphic, and the absence of some (important) information. I think that it is better to give unfinished material than to wait for months to finish it. Of course all suggestions remarks, and help are more than welcome.

   I will use this opportunity to highlight the fact that the author of this presentation is not an expert for heraldry, he is just an enthusiast who gathered his knowledge here and there, and put it all together on this site, with his comments. That`s why I ask anyone who finds any incorrect facts, to contact me at once, so that we can replace it immediately. contact address

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