3W6DK (Vietnam) / N0ODK

!!! VIETNAM !!!

Hau and I

The trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was great, between Nov. 16 to 30, 1999 for two weeks of ham radio operating and touring. I got about 1700 contacts and will make yearly trips or every other year to Vietnam. Stay tuned. Call sign is 3W6DK operating on 10,15,20, and 40 meter bands. Next trip will also include an IOTA.

BacAi's shack

QSL direct SASE (or via bureau) for 3W6DK (and 3W2DK). I will 100% QSL return back.I want to finish my DXCC! No sponsors being used for trip.

Card now going to requests SASE or via buro. If you have a past card and want this card
too, just send me a note with SASE along with what is on my card that you
received before. I do not need a duplicate card from you. You must be in my

I have started to collect old QSL cards from Vietnam and Cambodia. If you
have any you don't want or will get rid of soon, I'd be glad to take them.

Mike P.

N0ODK / 3W6DK / 3W2DK

Updated December 9, 2000 73 es gd DX! Please QSL!

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