3GØY - Easter Island

Zone 12 - IOTA SA-001
Chilean-German DXpedition - March 04 to 19, 2001


3GØY DXpedition pictures
Overview of the area as seen from a nearby hill. The population density approaches Ø...
The 3GØY operating location - a very quiet camp ground. In fact, it is quiet now because there was a forest fire at the start of the operation.
XQ1ZW and CE3WDD are assembling one of the beams. Who forgot the assembly manual?
Part I of the antenna farm. Note: the trees were already standing, they were not brought and are not part of the equipment.
Part II of the antenna farm. Note: the antennas are not crooked! The picture is crooked (we even assume that the camera operator is crooked)!
The team fully busy with operating. Falk, DK7YY, in the front. In fact, we don't really see what Falk is really doing.
XQ3ZW and CE3WDD operating (the radio).
Tom, DL2OAP, operating (we assume operating the radio, it could also be computer games on the laptop).
A tuning unit for one of the Titanex V80 verticals. Watch the death's head on the crate! It enhances the performance of the vertical and now you know why 3GØY is so loud on the low bands!
The generator in the "power house". Well, this piece of equipment was the only unreliable part of the trip.
A seafood barbeque at the 3GØY camp. See how blurred the picture is! The camera operator (anonymous!) was obviously drunk and was removed from the operating site. Don't drink when operating!
Seafood - yum-yum! There are three important things in life: radio, radio and good food!
We enter the dream of the anonymous camera operator having some sleep after the opulent meal.
And finally, this is the Easter Island star sky at night! It is like every star sky on any place on earth except for one little difference...
DXpeditions are full of unexpected surprises but some of the surprises are not necessarily necessary. One of them was a forest fire at the camp!
Forest fires like this one can raise the famous question: "Where do we go next?" but require an instant answer.
Well, you sometimes hear a DX station saying "QSY". At 3GØY, it got a new meaning. This is a the last picture of the Titanex LP5 before the antenna had to QSY!
But real hams don't care about minor problems like fires etc...
DL3DXX operating 160m. Don't worry, he is a very friendly guy, even when he is not smiling here. He is only afraid of missing another QSO while the picture is being taken.
An on-location discussion about the advantages of vertical or horizontal polarization of antennas.
This is the human rotor model named DL3DXX, turning the 6m yagi. This unique rotor model exists only once but can be hired for other DXpeditions!
The Titanex Log Periodic LP5 and Lowband Vertical V80E. Click here to learn more about Titanex Antennas!
The famous Titanex Lowband Vertical V80E on the left. On the right, the not-so-famous model of a competitor...
XQ3ZW (front) and CE3WDD (back) enjoying the pileups (at least we think so)!
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