QSL Information of ZS6VER/V51VE

My direct QSL address (For ZS6VER, V51VE and 3DA/ZS6VER) is:

R. Venter
11 Bush buck Lane
Monument Park
Pretoria 0181
South Africa

To see if you are in the V51VE log click here.

Sorry, the ZS6VER and 3DA/ZS6VER  logs is just to large to keep here !

My QSL is also 100% via the South African Bureau (for V51VE go via ZS6VER). If you should still require an old ZR6VE card send it via ZS6VER as well. For an electronic QSL card e-mail me at zs6ver@qsl.net with all the log details and I will send you an electronic card.