Press Release # 7

The ZL9CI team arrived on Campbell Island at 4 AM in the morning and set a new world record for antenna installations. In 14 hours the team erected on 8.5 M rotatable poles - 1 Force 12 20M mono, 2 Nagara 12/17 M WARC banders, 1 15 M Cushcraft 5 el Mono, 1 10 M Cushcraft mono and 1 30 M Gladiator vertical. In addition, masts are in place for three more yagis to be installed tomorrow All the radio equipment and generators are ashore and in place. It is possible that ZL9CI may commence operations within the next 36 hours if computer setup and station setup goes well. Our permit restrictions still are in place and we will not be operational from 1100 UTC to 16.30 UTC.

The weather has been kind and the only trouble we have experienced is challenges from the many sea lions which frequent our ZL9CI site. At one point today, we had two big yagis on the ground ready to put up when two sea lions, each weighing about 800 kg chased several team members and proceed through the yagis, elements and coaxial cable causing much laughter and chaos. The male bull seals are quite territorial and agressive. Team members spent the rest of the afternoon looking over their shoulders and walking in pairs.

More to follow in next Press release.

Lee ZL2AL - Logistics and Planning for the ZL9CI DXpedition

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