Press Release #6 January 4, 1999 1200 UTC

After a slightly rough but very fast trip of 90 hours sailing, the team has arrived at Campbell Island and is anchored in Perseverence Harbour for the night. Sea lions frolicked in the harbour and Royal Albatross wheeled around the Braveheart as we made our way up the harbour. The temperature is around 6 degrees C and the wind steady around 20 knots with drizzle and mist obscuring the peaks around the ZL9CI site. Tomorrow morning at 3 AM will see the team unloading the 5 tonnes of equipment and begin to assemble the antenna system. We are are all in good health and can't wait to put ZL9CI on the air in a few days.

Lee ZL2AL - Planning and Logistics for the ZL9CI DXpedition.

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