Pilot Bulletin # 1 - January 1, 1999

At 00:20 UTC 01 Jan. 1999 the Braveheart sailed with the ZL9CI team aboard from Wellington for the 7 day journey to Campbell Island.

Assuming one day for setup look for them around the 9th. I will keep you posted on the web site and here with new postings.

One bit of news from the team:

Ron, ZL2TT was scheduled to do the SSTV for us. As he is not making the trip and as we do not have the expertise to run SSTV, it will no longer be a featured mode on the expedition, sorry.

All other plans stay intact including plans to upload logs daily to the web. Plan on a 24 hour delay to get the logs over pacsat after operations commence. All logs will have a 24-36 hour delay in transmission.

Please please please...do not ask WHEN THE LOGS ARE GOING TO BE RECEIVED 5 seconds after the first qsos. If it is not posted on the web site THEN WE DO NOT HAVE THEM. I will not have other info. I will not answer those emails...there is enough to do in pilot duties without answering the obvious...when the logs arrive they will on the site.

The team looks forward to providing a new one to the deserving...Happy New Year...DX IS!


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