ZL9CI Press Release 4 - December 3 1998

It is now only 4 weeks to go and the excitement is running high. ZL9CI promises to be a "Classic" Dxpedition with operations on all bands and modes. The Dxpedition Operations Manual is finished and most details have been finalized, including the individual operators shifts during the first few days. Some equipment has arrived in New Zealand for packing and checking. More gear will arrive over the next few weeks.

We regretfully announce that Ron Wills ZL2TT is unable to make the trip with the team due to health reasons. Ron will continue to help the team from New Zealand. In addition, Mike Mraz N6MZ has been forced to leave the team due to unfortunate timings of business pressures. We shall miss them both and look forward to working them from ZL9CI.

Two new team members will join us for the trip South. Trey Garlough N5KO is a very experienced DXpedtioner and operator and will be a great asset in the pileups. Wilbert Knol ZL2BSJ has considerable in depth DX, Contesting and PACSAT experience and we look forward to utilizing his special skills at ZL9CI. Both new ops are excellent CW men!

Preparations and packing gear are progressing nicely and the lineup of gear is substantial. Hundreds of individual amateurs, DX organizations and commercial companies have contributed generously to make ZL9CI happen. We cannot say thank you enough to these people and companies. There still remains a little more money to raise and I am sure further donations will be forthcoming. The overwhelming support we have received is mind boggling and the team will work hard at Zl9CI to make sure this debt is repaid with thousands of contacts.

The team is now Ken ZL2HU, Lee ZL2AL, Murray, ZL1CN, Wilbert ZL2BSJ, Jason ZL2URN, Brian VE3XA, Declan EI6FR, Andrew GI0NWG, Al K3VN, Trey N5KO, James 9V1YC and Jun JH4RHF

The Pilots are Don N1DG, Ron AA7DX, Joe JJ3PRT and , Rob GI0KOW

NZ Technical support Chris ZL2DX, Bob ZL1RS and Ron ZL2TT

More updates soon! See http://www.qsl.net/zl9ci/

Lee Jennings ZL2AL

Logistics and planning

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