ZL9CI Press Release 3 - November 5 1998

The New Zealand team met with the New Zealand Department of Conservation officials on October 31 in Wellington and to finalize details for the Dxpedition. The meeting was cordial and defined what is permissible on Campbell Island in terms of protection for the wildlife flora and fauna. The Conservation Department was extremely helpful and has allowed us to add an additional team member to the group. We welcome Murray, ZL1CN who is a very capable operator and New Zealander with contest experience as a member of the ZM2K Kiwi Contest team.

The equipment inventory will include the following…..

Four FT1000MPs, one FT1000, three FT900s, one FT990, two FT920 and an FT655 for 6 metres.

Amplifiers include three Command Technologies Commander HF2500s and one HF1200, one Yaesu VLX, one Yaesu FL7000, Yaesu FL2100B, SB220, Dentron Clipperton, and a 6 metre amplifier.

Antennas include 2 x 10M monos, 2 x 15M monos, 2 x 20M monos,

2 x WARC dual banders, 2 x tribanders, 30M Gladiator vertical, 40M Four square, 80M four square, 160M vertical and Create 40M vertical plus wire loops and a 6M yagi.

Nine laptops operating with CT, plus Four 5 KW diesel generators and one 2 KW gas powered generator will be used for power. Satellite, SSTV and RTTY equipment and multi-mode controllers will also be taken.

The "Braveheart" is being refitted for the journey prior to departure from Wellington on January 1. With only 55 days to go the team is in great spirits and can’t wait to go! Donations are still required to finance this major effort. Our heartfelt thanks to all the clubs and major organizations that have contributed to this Dxpedition. The ZL9CI Website is up and running at http://www.qsl.net/zl9ci/ You can monitor the daily temperature and weather there.

More to come

Lee ZL2AL - Logistics Planning

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