Just spoke to James:

Here are the plans for tonight:

20 RTTY...starting at 05:00 until shutdown at 11:00.

40 ssb for EU starting at 07:00
40 ssb for NA starting at 09:00
40 ssb for NA and JA starting at 10:00

80 cw 09:00 for about 30 min...

160 starting AROUND 09:30. When they disappear from 80 check 160..he might be going back es forth in the beginning until 160 opens, then staying on 160.
160 again when they return to the island at 16:30 until the band dies.
160 activity to continue per the above every night from now on until they qrt on the 24th.

The 10 meter beacon continues....if EU hears it please let them know. Don't ask for 10 mtrs if you can't hear the beacon! They get hundreds of requests daily ....why ask if you can't hear the beacon?

76,300 qsos so far.

Now a personal note:

Thanks to those who have thanked me and the other pilots publicly for our work here. We look good because the team has consistently followed our feedback with changes in operating plans, etc. Tonight I listened to pileups on 10, 12, 15, and 17 meters and they continue to be courteous, happy and cool operators. They left Wellington on the 1st of January and I've yet to see any cracks in the happy attitudes.

Another thing I've noted is the response from you guys. Pileups are also well behaved. I've heard the EU pileups on 40 and 20 and they also very well behaved. Every day I've passed traffic without interruption. Last night my station took a lightning hit and my rotor and 40 mtr beam are fried. Despite my ant. off by 90 deg. (it was on Campbell before the storm) and a longer than normal interruption in the pileup due to my weak sigs, there were no breakers or complaints about the delay.

The last two weeks are what dx-ing should be...lots of excitement, qsos, fun, band and mode fills and tons of new ones.

They are about to set a new record for qsos during a major dxpediton, but that is not the whole story...they brought fun back to the hobby at a level I haven't seen since VK0IR. I am sure the 76,300 qsos in the logs to date gave us all joy.

ZL9CI East Coast Pilot, Webmaster

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