Here are the plans for the next 12 hours.

RTTY...the RTTY push is on..they've been on 15 meters all afternoon USA time...even this scribe worked them (first dx rtty qso on my FT1000MP purchased last year). If I can get them, anyone should.

Anyway, they will move to 20 mtrs rtty when 15 plays out and will stay on 20 rtty UNTIL they qrt for the night at 11:00 UTC allowing EU a good shot.

80 tonight beginning 08:00...3503 +/-

40 meters...ssb beginning 08:00 EU/NA then for JA at 09:00. James wishes to thank the cooperation of the EU 40 meter ops last night. Some of the best ssb rates into Europe since the beginning of the operation occured last night...and on 40 no less.

160 none tonight...they need the antennas and stations for the 40/80 meter ops..and those pileups continue to be very deep. They've been saying 160 after 40/80 mtr dies down since they arrived on the island. They are sticking with that statement. This is consistent with the plans since they started.

They continue to work stations on all bands that are still unique calls, as such they feel the need to work the bands where the qso rates are the highest and give the most opportunity to hand out a new one.

Total qso count an amazing 70,000 qsos. 6 days to go. No storm in sight, today temps reached 60 degrees and sunny. Where is that bad wx when they need it!

Good luck to all EU tonight on RTTY.

ZL9CI East Coast Pilot, Webmaster.

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