Hello and welcome to my website.
I am David Fraser and my ham radio callsign is ZL3AI.

See also my non-ham website and my blog.

I live in Feilding New Zealand. with my wife Ann, ham callsign ZL3TNT. And let's not forget Misty the cat. We moved here from Waipara, North Canterbury in December 2015.

I'm now retired after a fascinating career in electronics including RNZAF radar and Tait Electronics.

While I like to fire up a soldering iron from time to time, I also like getting involved with software such as my HamDisk study aid and microcontrollers such as the PICAXE. Other interests include emergency communication including CB and PRS, reading books by Tom Clancy and similar authors, and a mild Sudoku addiction that I can stop at any time.

Ham Radio is thought by some to be hobby only for old men tapping away on a Morse Code key in their shed, and to have been completely superceded by the internet. In actual fact, hams are of all ages and both male and female. A really good introduction to ham radio is this Youtube video by the Radio Society of Great Britain.


Last updated 2016-06-17