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Installation instructions:

You don't need to remove your existing version of TrackSat/CE  (if installed !)prior to installation of this new version, as it will install to a completely different directory.
1) Copy the downloaded cab file to your device using activesync. You don't need to copy anywhere special, just remember where you copied it to (the My Documents directory is normally the easiest to find)
3) Using file explorer on your PDA open the directory where you copied the cab file to, and tap on the cab file to execute.
4) The cab file will install all the necessary application files to the Program files\TrackSat_WM directory on your device
5) A shortcut should also appear in the programs folder in your device, tap on it to start.
If you are already familiar with Tracksat/CE then you will find it pretty much the same, but hopefully faster, and a bit prettier?
Your existing Tracksat/CE registration code is also valid for TrackSat/WM.


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