Bob Sutton - ZL1RS

Bay of Islands, New Zealand



WSPR tests:

Experimenting with various antennas on RX and sometimes also transmitting with a QRP-Labs Ultimate3S (U3S) transmitter. The kitsets from QRP-Labs are very well done and a LOT of fun to experiment with.

Sometimes I am using two receivers and antennas on WSPR. The WSPRnet spots are differentiated by the callsigns ZL1RS in RF64vs and ZL1RS2 in RF64vt. Different 6 digit locators are used to separate the place markers on the map ... but the line dividing RF64vs and RF64vt runs right through my property and one antenna is located in RF64vt, so both locators are accurate.



Six Meter Band Beacons and 'Indicators':

All the significant VK and ZL low band TV transmitters (6m propagation indicators) closed down during 2012/13.
The following 6m Beacons are currently operational from ZL

ZL1SIX ... 50.0110, 25W ERP from RF64VT (upgrade to 800W ERP pending).

ZL1VHF ... 50.0433, 20W ERP from RF73MB, attended beacon while a permanent site is being arranged

ZL2WHO/b ... 50.0240, 800W ERP from RF70OM

ZL3SIX ... 50.0399, 100W ERP from RE66EJ

ZL3MHB ... 50.055, 20W ERP from RE57MI



ZL4AAA's "Six on Six" - a 6 meter band primer:

Written by Bob Cooper ZL4AAA (ex K6EDX, VP5D) in 1991 and contains prophetic reading pertinent to Solar Cycle 24!
(Reproduced with the kind permission of the author) ... Download the 2.6MB PDF file


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