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2m EME Demonstration - 05 April 2014

Thanks for the callers to ZL1RS from RF80KM via 2m EME from 00:00 until 01:00 UTC on 05 April during the demonstration

There appeared to be some ionospheric disturbance making QSOs difficult from time to time ... XPol stations seemed to have a big advantage! However, we did make contacts with 9 stations in NA, AS and OC and the presentation on my DX EME (mis)advantures over the past 30 years was well received, as was the following presentation on EME hardware by Dave ZL2MQ ... he has some lovely stuff !

Further information about the event at: Hawke's Bay Hamfest

This was a "field trial" for my dxpedtion to KH8 in July ... see the following item:



2m EME DXpedition to American Samoa KH8 - July 2014

Look for KH8/ZL1RS on 2m EME in July - further information at: American Samoa KH8/ZL1RS - July 2014

I may be active 'holiday style' on other bands as well.



All the significant VK and ZL TV video carriers (6m propagation indicators) have closed down.

The big 46MHz VK TV transmitters closed down in 2012. The 45MHz ZL TV transmitters closed as follows: (actual switch off times) the South Island closed at 14:03 utc on 27 April 2013; the lower North Island & East Cape closed at 14:00 utc on 28 September; and the upper North Island closed at 13:00 utc on 30 November 2013.



6m Beacons currently operational from ZL.

ZL1SIX ... 50.0111, 25W ERP from RF64vs, attended beacon while license application is pending

ZL1VHF ... 50.0433, 10W ERP from RF73mb, attended beacon while a permanent site is being arranged

ZL2WHO/b ... 50.02381, 900W ERP from RF70om

ZL3SIX ... 50.03986, 100W ERP from RE66ej

ZL3MHB ... 50.055, xxW ERP from RE57mi, not QRV while license application is pending



ZL4AAA's "Six on Six" - a 6 meter band primer. Download the 2.6MB PDF file

Written by Bob Cooper in 1991, but contains some prophetic reading pertinent to Solar Cycle 24!
(Reproduced here with the kind permission of the author).
Note: then link above is broken ... we are trying to contact Bob Cooper to check the status.


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