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Since September of 1999, my QSL manager has been Phil Whitchurch, G3SWH.  Phil has all the logs for every contact ever made under my ZF2NT call and can process a request for any contact I've made with under that call.  (And, I should add, ONLY under that call.  He doesn't have the logs for ZF8BS, ZF2TV, or any of the other many aliases I have used.)  Phil's mailing address is:

    P. A.  Whitchurch, G3SWH
    21 Dickensons Grove
    Congresbury, Bristol BS19 5HQ

If you have any questions about a request you have sent him, you can contact Phil via email at [email protected]

Please realize that Phil is performing this service for me and for others out of the goodness of his heart and for the benefit of hams everywhere. He isn't trying to make any money off anybody in handling QSL requests. However, his willingness to go into the hole in handling QSL cards is not without limits. I recently received the following note from Phil concerning the cost of return postage:

I've recently had to make a hard decision about return postage costs, particularly in respect of the dollar/pound exchange rate and have printed up yet another flyer to go with those of my outgoing QSLs that fall into the category.  The text is reproduced below, and you may care to include a version of it on your web page.

"I am sorry to inform you but, with the continuing decline in the value of the US dollar against the pound sterling, US $1 is no longer sufficient for me to purchase stamps to return QSLs by airmail outside Europe.  Either one IRC or US $2 are now required for airmail postage on up to two, normal sized QSL cards.

Consequently, I am sending your card via the most economic route, either via surface mail or via a courier who is traveling to your country and who will have mailed your card from within your country."

Please, do not include requests for my QSL in the same envelope as requests for other QSL's for which Phil is the manager.  (The same applies to any QSL manager, by the way.  Bundling requests for QSL's from multiple stations in the same envelope will give any QSL manager fits--and probably lead to a poor response rate.)

For what it is worth, here are some QSL routes that probably will not work:

If you really want your request to age a l-o-n-g time before being answered, sent it direct to N6NT. Why? Because I'm not in California when I'm on Little Cayman. While I'm gone, my wife simply collects mail addressed to me in a cardboard box for me to handle when I get back. 

The short answer is:  QSL to G3SWH only.  Either direct or via the bureau is OK, but please send your cards to G3SWH.   Phil is extremely prompt and 100% reliable.  I've had numerous compliments on how quickly he responds, and never a single complaint. 

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