The log search engine is actually located on http://dx.qsl.net, so when you click on the search form below you will get a new window that displays the results from dx.qsl.net.  That new window will stay open, and you can browse further in it if you wish.  This window, of course, will stay open while you're over there.

This database currently contains a record of all contacts made under my ZF2NT call through 3 April 2005, a total of 186,618 contacts.  This information is precisely the same as that which Phil, G3SWH uses in answering QSL requests.   The complete log has now been uploaded to ARRL's Logbook of the World, so the information there is also precisely the same as that which G3SWH is using.

This year I will not resume operations on Little Cayman until December 15, 2005.


To search the archived log of all contacts I have made with the ZF2NT call through 3 April 2005, use the form which follows:

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