Fisheye Funtasea

This site is directly out from the Salt Rock dock.  There used to be a mooring ball for this site, but the barge kept fouling the line and it has not been replaced recently.  Thus you're on your own to locate this one. 

You will note that the Port Authority people have posted several signs around the dock area stating that diving is prohibited in the dock area.  I have checked with previously posted police on Little Cayman to see if they would enforce this ban, and was told not to worry about it.  This year (2006) I was told by one of the DM's at Southern Cross that they have officially rescinded that ban on diving there.  But the signs still stand, and I have no idea whether the current police are likely to get upset about people diving there.  If you really want to be safe, you should check with the police before going in.  

Enter the water by jumping off the salt rock dock.  The best place to do it is to go to the far southeast corner of the dock, then jump in so that you are on the inside (i.e., east side) of the dock  Then you can swim around the dock and head out to sea.  Before doing so, though, you might want to check the exit area.  That is a series of 3 or 4 concrete steps on the other side of the dock, to the north.  If the water is not too rough, it's a very easy matter to climb up onto those steps.  If it is rough, you're going to have a miserable time of it and could possibly get hurt.  So check this before you jump in.

The swim out is a long one, and there's not much to see on the way out.  It's a flat sand bottom which slopes very gently from about 20' down to roughly 60'.  Head directly away from shore, following a heading of about 330, and keep a careful watch for dive boats.  This is one area where they always cut it too close to shore, and the path you're going to swim will place you directly in their line of fire.  Thus it's best to do this one at those times of day when the dive boats aren't going to be coming by. 

Once you see the reef come into view, head down.  It's a gorgeous reef, full of deep canyons and protruding peninsulas.  I used to cruise this reef fairly deep, but lately have found 70' to be the best compromise.  That puts you on the "military crest", the point at which you can see all the way down the drop off.

My suggestion is to cruise this one from south to north.  That places you into the prevailing currents and also makes for a more interesting swim back.  You may make it as far as the Paradise Plunge ball, the next site to the northeast of Fisheye.  Just be careful to watch your depth.  The reefs here tend to entice you ever deeper, and if you succumb you're going to sacrifice precious bottom time.

When you decide to come back, you should be in the vicinity of some long coral ridgelines which head inshore.  Follow those ridgelines, but periodically skip over to your right as you go and take the ridgeline to the south of the one you were following.  If you get to a point where you don't see any ridgelines to the south of you, stay with the one you're on rather than go over into the sand flats.  This will bring you right into the steps on the northwest side of salt rock dock.  If you stand on the dock and look at the pattern of sand and coral before you begin your dive, you will see exactly what I am describing.  It's really quite visible, and you don't even need to follow compass headings in order to find your way right back to the steps.

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