Here is my dive buddy, best friend, confidante, cheerleader, soulmate.  This is my wife Wesley, framed in the archway at Randy's Gazebo on Little Cayman.  The two of us have done a lot of diving together...a WHOLE lot of diving together!  She learned to dive shortly after we first met, in 1981, and we have been diving together ever since.  She is now a Master Scuba Diver, and well on her way to becoming a Divemaster.  We are a team.  Recently we bought a Fuji E-900 digital camera and an Ikelite underwater housing and, well, one thing just sort of leads to another.  We are both very much in learning mode with our new setup, and we realize that the pictures we have on display here are amateurish at best.  So what?  We're doing the best we can, awright!?!  

All of these shots were taken using the internal flash on the camera, since I foolishly came to Little Cayman without an external strobe.  That limits us to very close range shots, mostly macro photography, and even then we often find we're missing adequate fill lighting.  This makes it extremely difficult to get decent photos of many of the fish we see by the hundreds, if not thousands, on every dive.  Most fish do not sit still and pose while we come up to close range for a macro shot.  To make matters worse, I lost the flash diffuser for the housing back in early January.  I don't know where it went, and I have retraced my steps multiple times.  But it is a very large ocean in which to be searching for a small plastic fitting.  So please excuse the amateurish nature of these photos.  We're learning, and I promise it will get better.  

The index frame at left has thumbnails which link into larger photos and some limited description which will appear in this frame.  There is some sense of organization, but it doesn't follow precisely the Linnaean taxonomy of phylum, class, order, family, genus species.  Whatever.  These are the things we have found interesting to watch on Little Cayman.