HAM Radio Kits and parts 

All Electronics Corp. 
Allied Electronics, Inc. 
Almost All Digital Electronics 
Amidon Inc 
Buckeye Electronics - Parts
CTP DS49 - Freq inversion voice descrambler/scrambler
Coastal Concepts - Electron Tubes
ComDaC - Amateur, Commercial & Marine Radio
C.M.Howes Communications 
Daily Electronics - Electron Tubes, 
Dans Small Parts 
Debco Electronics, Inc. - Parts and Kits
Down East Microwave 
DSchmidt Technologies Inexpensive Electronic Gadgets
Electronic Goldmine 
Electronix Express 
Electrical Engineering Vendors (More Links) 
Embedded Research (Home of the TiCK 1 Keyer chip) 
FAR Circuits Printed Circuit Boards 
Fair Radio Sales Company Inc. - Used/ Surplus Electronics
HAMMOND MFG. CO. - Enclosures, Transformers & Power Bars
HB Electronics 
Harbach Electronics - SB-200/SB-220 Retrofit Items 
Jade Products 
JDR Microdevices 
K1EL K8 Keyer - Low cost 8 Pin keyer
K1MG Digital Clock/Counter Kit 
LDG Electronics 
Mouser Electronics On-Line 
Milestone Technologies Inc. 
Mini Circuits
North Country Radio 
Peter W. Dahl Co. - Transformers and parts
Radio Adventures Corp - items crafted for home builders
Radio Electric Supply - Electron Tubes
Richardson Electronics - Electron Tubes
Ramsey Electronics 
RF Components, Inc. 
Science Workshop Home of the "Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer" 
SND Tube Sales - Hazelwood, MO
Stewart Electronics - St. Charles MO
Surplus Sales of Nebraska - Collins Parts 
TechAmerica - A div. of Tandy Corp.
Texas Instruments 
Thor Electronics Corp. - hard to find and obsolete parts
Times Microwave Systems 
Triode Electronics - Tubes,Parts,And More...
Vacuum Tube Galaxy 
Vacuum Tubes Unlimited 
Vintage Radio Kit Company - Tube Ham Radio Kits
Wenzel Associates - precision crystal oscillators
WiNRADiO - A Scanner in your PC 
Wilderness Radio 



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