A new look at the Ufer ground system - Mr. Ufer developed the concept of concrete encased grounding electrodes which are suitable for radio antennas
Antenna Options - Survey of Antenna Characteristics and Types - antennas mainly for TV transmitters
Antennas - some basic information and resource links
Antennas: critical links in the wireless signal chain - right antennas can strengthen the chain by yielding better signal coverage, increased S/N ratio, reduced bit error rate, and lower power consumption all at very low cost
Basics of Dual-Polarized Antennas Tutorial - information on special antennas used in celluar networks
Exploring the secrets of the Smith chart* - an indispensable tool
FM Antenna Configuration vs Performance
Good ground, great signals - how to do geounding of antennas well
Grounding Tips - how to ground antenna systems
HAM antenna documents and programs
Install your antenna properly
Jim's Notebook - all sorts of interesting and useful antenna data, techniques, hints and such
Radiation impedances of wire and rod antennas
Smart Antenna Systems Tutorial - A smart antenna system combines multiple antenna elements with a signal-processing capability to optimize its radiation and/or reception pattern automatically in response to the signal environment
The Bunny Ears - the traditional indoor antenna: problems and design flaws
Up On The Roooof - tips for installing FM and TV antennas to roof
Antenna cabling issues
50 ohms versus 75 ohms in antenna cable
Most Often Asked Questions About Power Splitter / Combiners
Putting a Balun and a Tuner Together - information on antenna baluns and their use
Quarter-Wave Power Divider - use this to phase two antennas together for increased gain
RF BALUNs - one of the most important components in of transmitting system is the antenna feeder system
Signal Cabling - quite often the humble feed line is to blame if the communication does not work
The purpose of a balun - information on benefits of balusn in eadio reception
Transmission Line Transformers - theory, articles and construction details for RF transmission line transformers
Antenna building projects
A J-Pole antenna for the Ramsey FM10a in GIF format - transmitting antenna tuned for 89 MHz
Antenna extension provides open-door policy - garage door opener receiving antenna for 315 MHz
Balloon or kite antenna? Why not
Build a Yaki-Uda Antenna - instructions for building nad designing 3 and 6 element yagi antennas
Construction Details For A GPS Helix Antenna - antenna for 1.5 GHz band for GPS receiver
DIY GPS Antenna - antenna for 1.5 GHz band for GPS receiver
Down To Earth Antennas - reception antennas which work close to earth
Experiments on Remote Receiving Loops
FM Dipole for 88-108 MHz
Go ATV Portable With This Simple Beam Antenna! - a simple broadband yagi for 70-cm band
Long Loopstick Antenna - to improve AM radio reception without using a long wire or ground
Practical indoor antennas for everybody - HF foil antennas, VHF/UHF discones, wire beams, VHF/UHF rotables, tape antennas and telescoping VHF/UHF indoor beams
Satellite Antennas Hints and Kinks: Low Cost Satellite Antennas
Active antennas
AM/FM/SW active antenna - an active antenna that can be used for AM, FM, and shortwave, on the shortwave band this active antenna is comparable to a 20 to 30 foot wire antenna
AM/FM/SW active antenna
Q - Multiplying Loop Antenna - active antenna for 500 kHz to 1750 kHz frequency range
Antenna amplifiers
50 Hz - 100 MHz Wide-Band Preamp - ampifier 17..37 dB, uses general purpose transistors
TV antenna amplifier - covers the frequencies from 40 to 900 MHz, suitable frequency rage for FM or TV antenna amplifier
Medium Wave Preamp - The tuning voltage is variable from 1 to 12 volts and is designed to cover the medium waveband from about 550Khz to 1650Khz
Antenna baluns
4:1 balun for 160 to 10 meters
75 ohm to 300 ohm balun
A Cost Effective Current-mode 1:1 Balun - can be constructed from a length of coax and a rod typically used for a broadcast antenna loop-stick, some electrical tape, cable ties, a length of PVC water-pipe and some connectors
Baluns and coaxial aerials - many examples on blauns built from coaxial cable
Antenna related measuring equipments
Antenna Analyzer 88-960 MHz
Field Strength Meter - measures radio field strength at VHF frequencies in the range 80 - 110 MHz
LED driver displays standing-wave ratio
Simple Field Strength Meter - simple and also quite sensitive, uses an ordinary digital voltmeter to measure signal strength, works on VHF and FM bands
Simple Analog Field Strength Meter - can be used from 30 MHz to over 2 GHz
Other antenna related circuits
6 Meter Heliax Duplexers
A simple anti-static device - circuit to help to reduce static buildup in antenna
Attenuator Pads - homebrew attenuation pads
Bias Tee - Bias tees allow you to insert DC voltages into your signal path (coax) without disrupting the existing signal in that path, for example for feeding active antennas
Modify that AM antenna - add external antenna connector to your AM radio which does not have it
Simple high-pass filter to cut off disturbing signals
Wideband filter uses image parameters - You can design various lowpass and highpass filters using image parameters
2 Meter Halo Antenna 
432 Mhz 8 Element Quagi 
6 Meter Base-Station Dipole - "High-Performance"
160 Meter short TX loop antenna 
Six Meter Antennas 
A Resource For Amateurs Facing Antenna Restrictions 
Antenna Calculations - lots of neet stuff!
Antenna Elmer - Lots of antenna info
Antenna Information Center at 
Antenna Topics From G3YCC 
Antenna Software by W7EL
Beverage antennas de KG4W 
Calculate the length of a 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna 
Coax Cable Table 
Cobwebb Antenna 14 - 28 mhz - by G3TPW
Copper Cactus (Multi-Band J-Pole) Design a J-Pole Antenna 
Design Your Own Dipoles And Inverted Vees
Design Your Own Quad 
Flamethrower Antenna 
Gain of the Axial-Mode Helix Antenna 
Gain of an Endfire Array 
Ground-mounted Verticals 
KB1GW's Collection of Beverage Antenna Information 
Kite Antennas 
Mini Loops 
Packet Radio Operators Antenna Handbook 
Summary of experience with restricted space antennas 
Radio Operator's Antenna Design Handbook 
Rhombic Antenna Home Page 
Rotatable Dipoles 
Simple Seven Element Yagi Antenna  
Slinky Clandestine Dipole 
Slot Antenna Design 
St. Louis Vertical  
Standard G5RV Information 
Super J-Pole Antenna(Collinear Design) 
Transmission Lines and Matching Systems 
W3LPL on Beverages 
W6RCA's No-Tuner All-HF-Band Antenna 
Why Are Antennas Built to Look Like They Do? 
Yagi design program for vhf/uhf



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